10 October 1996 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 6 p.m. at Stokes Elementary.

Present: Tom Garoffolo, John Wallace, Jack Hughes, Monte Bowman, Dave Truitt.

Agenda distributed by Jack as all arrived for the evening meeting.

T1/SERVER STATUS: The T1 requires a little more tweaking by Ameritech for the domain name. They need to be able to see a primary and secondary server name(s). When these are visible you are within a fifteen (15) day window of being up and running. The correct secondary name is within the server but it cannot be "seen" by Ameritech. Otherwise the server is up and running and when the "name gap" is closed we will be up and running. An IP has been assigned to the BCCN by Ameritech but other names applied for long ago provide problems in the field identification.

STANDARDS REPORT: John Wallace reported on the meeting conducted last month for this purpose. In general this was really nothing more than common items of courtesy.

ICNA REPORT: John reported also on the activity from the State organization from the past month. This group needs to have a representative available on October 15th to help vote in a new member of the Board. The dues are possibly going to $ 500.00. Jack Hughes indicated he would try to attend the meeting as well.

CONTENT DEVELOPMENT REPORT: John commented that we should aggressively attempt to get businesses signed up for space on the new server. We have the potential to provide a real "double whammy" for exposure on the new server in our community base of information. The City's home page is progressing nicely and should be up shortly per Tom Garoffolo. John mentioned that we really do need to determine the method of using the funds for payment of content development. We need a process to pay private developers and a limit to the amount that we are willing to pay for this type of service. We need to ask for a proposal which contains a budget, an estimated time line for completion, the name of the preparer, and, an outline of content desired, for purposes of review and consideration. Initial Information obtained will be placed on line via these grant proposals but future maintenance costs will have to be borne by the applicant or organization seeking to keep this information on-line. Schools, Libraries and Government are the only places that our grant money can be used. There still needs to be something in writing w/ standards to allow for this content development. At one time we had discussed having a large meeting of all governmental agencies to "advertise" content development where groups such as the City and County Councils, the County Commissioners, and other governing bodies get together for a mass demonstration of the capability of content development.

WHITMAN REVIEW: Everyone was provided a copy of Mark Whitman's review of the BCCN site. He was pleased with the progress and found very few things deficiencies to mention. Lots of links were available in a very well organized page that is "neat, clean and complete".

VOICE MAIL: Monte arrived a little late and informed the group that the new phone number in our voice mail with Thorntown Telephone Company. The new number is 317-436-5054 which will allow access to a menu to leave a message for BCCN. The password was discussed and the group elected to change the same to allow security of the voice mail. This was accomplished during the meeting by cell phone.

OTHER: The group called for a mass meeting of as many governmental agencies as possible for November 25th after a regular meeting of the City Council of Lebanon. This group needs to get together again for completing standards. Proposed date is November 4th, 1996 @ 6:00 p.m. - E-Mail if you cannot attend. Meeting Adjourned.

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