11 June 1998 Meeting Minutes

Boone County REMC Meeting Room
6:00 P.M.

Pursuant to Notice given all members of the Board of Directors via Electronic Mail, the Monthly Meeting convened upon the President calling the same to order.

The meeting was called to Order by President Wallace and the agenda was pursued as previously distributed via E-Mail. Board Members present were John Wallace, Monte Bowman, Terry McCain, Kelly Murphy, Tom Garoffolo, and Dave Truitt. Carl Corson, BCCN Member was also present.

ITEM I: Treasurer's Report - Monte provided an update on the renewal of memberships. $800.00 thus far for the year including 10 corporate members. Fees outstanding were then brought to the attention of the board. All but one of the hosting bills have been paid as well. We could have collected a total of $2490 thus far and have collected $2041 thus far. The Bank Balance for the month is $10,389.04. Monte reported that there is one odd billing being made on a once a month basis. Graphical banners are available on the server now totaling fourteen (14).

ITEM II & III: System Administrator's Report - The Content Report (Combined) We are at an all time high of 1800 hits in May to the Home Page. 112 Accesses were made to the Election Page. The Boone Business page is also doing very well.

Tom commented that there is a backlog of photos available for the Boone page.

Some fancy new software is available to allow the faster loading of our pages. Terry would like to have some organization of the governmental pages and is looking for some suggestions. There is new information now available and she invited all to review and comment.

There is a counter in the works as well. The search feature is in place and works very well. It searches the entire page and goes three (3) levels deep into all of the sites.

Western Boone has been added to the site. The area was produced by the students in Kathy Fox's computer class. Soon all four libraries will be up and ready.

A student from Purdue has volunteered to assist BCCN this summer with development of the 4-H Extension Office web site. A great asset for Terry who helps out tremendously.

Terry reported on the Boone County Local Welfare Planning Committee working in conjunction with Circle-7. John and Terry have been working with this organization and other affiliates over the past couple of weeks. Setting up public access terminals at the Welfare Dept. was one of the possible projects mentioned since access at libraries is somewhat limited.

An additional graphical ad has also been procured.

ITEM IV: New Business - Dave brought up the possibility of a request made by Mr. Loshl for a grant to purchase a CD Rom Writer. This would help streamline a lot of the assignments for the advanced multi-media classes at Lebanon High School. In some cases the kids have programs that would fill 45 floppies. Kelly commented that Mr. Loshl's class has 500 MB on the server and maxes out every year. The flat bed scanner runs off of a 286 and the Powerpoint software is DOS based. Terry had an idea and suggested that the library had a CD Rom write that was still in a box - maybe a deal could be worked out to allow access to the unit at the library from the high school via Internet. Dave will make a suggestion to the members of the library board and to Larry Hathaway in the event he sees him.

Terry and Dave also brought up the posting of the data acquired by the Community Response Group. Electronic data has been given to Terry by Tony Carrell at the Extension Office that she will be able to work on soon.

ITEM V: Other Business / Good News: - Tom brought up the status of Electronic cameras and how there should be one available for board members to use for pictures to post.

Carl Corson noted that Boone County Senior Services had a digital camera that BCCN could use. Monte asked Kelly about his plans for E-Mail for School Administrators. He hopes to be completed by December after the installation of a wide area network. A $ 312,000 grant is available based on ADM. (So much per student) The technology plan as updated will be presented to the school board on June 16 outlining the updates planned for the near future.

John will be uploading and posting the minutes to assist Terry to allow earlier posting.

The meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m.

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