11 November 2000 Meeting Minutes

Lebanon Public Library Meeting Room

Pursuant to Notice given all members of the Board of Directors via Electronic Mail, the Monthly Meeting convened upon the President calling the same to order.

The meeting was called to Order by President Wallace and the agenda was pursued as previously distributed via E-Mail. Board Members present were John Wallace, Dave Truitt, Rebecca Hull, Jayne Brandenburg and Terry McCain.

ITEM I: System Administrator’s Report: - Terry handed out her monthly report and then itemized the particulars. The Majordomo program will be setting up several mailing lists on the server soon.The monthly access statistics were distributed and discussed. Terry advised that the server will be moved to the new Lebanon School System Administrative Offices soon. There will also be a new T1 line connection. The main thing that is concerning all parties is to stay in front of the firewall so our system does not experience any problems passed on from the school’s system.

ITEM II - The Content Report - The Health Dept. site is very close to going public. The final authority has not yet been issued. The Jamestown site has been remodeled. Some more links need to be completed. The town is very excited. The Clerk Treasurer is very excited for this and there is substantial content development taking place. The library is next. Union Twp. now has a web site and the parks portion is showing some promise. Virtual domains will occur after the IP numbers are changed. BCSSI has been changed completely and so has the Master Gardner site. John inquired about the Town of Thorntown. The Town of Zionsville may be hiring a Town Manager and that person will be working on the web site. Whitestown is basically a shell since their attention has been focused on the Crossman Communities situation. John asked about Dover and other small communities. The Community Foundation site is Terry’s main priority right now to be sure that all of the Scholarship applications data is complete. They are focusing on the on-line applications for the scholarships. The Election results were posted on November 7th on the site. Terry was quite successful in periodically posting the results. Several precincts were reported in a timely basis. Grant Web sites through WEBO were brought up to date. These include Habitat for Humanity, Crown of Thorns Christian Camp, ……….. Western Boone has contacted Terry about another 10 sites that will be needed after the first of the year. WEBO has added another mailing list for their Seniors – lots of Senior oriented info. that they have to remember to do in their last year of high school. Several other limited (closed list) mailing lists will be set up soon under Majordomo.

ITEM III: Treasurer's Report - John reported in Carl’s absence that all was well in the Treasury.

OTHER STUFF/NEW BUSINESS: Lilly Grant report was submitted by Terry on October 31, 2000. All members had a copy emailed to them at the time of submission.
Jayne reported that she had talked w/ Susie Hensey @ Tri-County Library. They would be thrilled to participate in the program and acquire a used computer with some of our grant funds. Maybe we could have this done before Xmas and have Santa deliver it to the library. This would fulfill their wish of having the hardware and Internet access at the start of the year.
Jayne also talked with Dan Lamar on the insurance coverage for the corporation equipment that is available for loan. Dan suggested the rental fee be equated with the amount of the insurance deductible.
The Board then discussed the Equipment sign out form and wanted to use “borrow” as opposed to “rental” of the equipment. Contact names and numbers were added to the form. The amount of the deductible for the insurance will determine the proposed charges. There should be a BCCN signatory to the agreement and a designated agent for the applicant. Use of the equipment shall require adherence to the BCCN Acceptable Use
John brought up the newspaper advertising policy and the proposed ads that are now ready to go. When should the ads
start ? December ? January ? John will get some prices from the Star Metro which is a distinct possibility. John advised that there will be a change in the Chamber of Commerce operations. The Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Corporation will share an Executive Director. The location of the offices is still up in the air but there will be some changes after the first of the year. Jayne suggested that a quantity of mugs and other trinkets be taken to local realtors to keep areas up on the presence of BCCN.
Terry suggested that the membership drive should be done now since we will not have a meeting till after the first of the year. John or Terry will let Carl know that this should be getting geared up. Advertisers, banner graphics, memberships and all items eligible for renewal.
Terry advised that the Metro edition of the Star has used our site frequently for the various meeting schedules that are used in the Agenda section of the paper. Jayne suggested maybe they should be advertising on our site. Dave reported the Star had not given our address on the election day coverage edition yet had shown Hamilton County’s address. Terry suggested using Celestial Designs in Zionsville for additional promotional items.
The vacancy of Kelly Murphy was again discussed. John felt that it would still be a good idea to have Chad Martin fill this position as he is the new technical director @ the Lebanon School system. John will submit an email and see if he is interested in serving on the Board.
Absent Board member Tom Garoffolo was submitted as the media relations officer. He was voted in by acclamation with no discrepancies in the vote totals, no recounts, lawsuits, etc. All butterfly ballots were certified as correct by President Wallace. Terry’s stylus from her palm pilot was confiscated so no additional voting could take place after the polls closed. (Secretary’s note – as of this hour we still don’t know who our President is for 2001 !)

The meeting adjourned at 1:05 p.m.

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