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Monday, November 11, 2002
12:00 P.M.

Pursuant to Notice given all members of the Board of Directors via Electronic Mail, the Monthly Meeting convened and was called to order by President Wallace.

A written agenda, Treasurer’s Report and Grant Report were passed out by John.

Board Members present: Jane Brandenburg, Chad Martin, Terry McCain, Dave Truitt, and John Wallace. Also in attendance was one of our new members – Mr. Jeff Papa.

ITEM I - System Administrator/ Content Report: A busy couple of months for Terry. The Fall General election went well. The “by precinct” summaries were uploaded around 9:00 pm in the Clerk’s Office - far ahead of all other areas in the state. Primary week of May 5th was the busiest time for access to the site as far as looking at election results. The Fall election was about the 2nd busiest week - from Nov 8th on. Sometimes people still try to look for a week or so after the election at the results. Both the Lebanon and WEBO schools are right in there after the election as far as frequency for access to the site.

To date, there have been 2,990,437 requests (hits) on the BCCN site. There are 76 MB of data transferred in an average day. The National Association of Retired Federal Employees (Indy chapter) is now on BCCN. We are hosting their site and the domain is being directed to the site. There are several Boone County members of NARFE. The Lebanon Fire Department would like to take their page and turn it into a site, and Terry is working with them to get that set up. The Zionsville band is working on a site also. Private school: The community education page has grown - community education link has been added and a list of private schools within the county, as well. The Boone County Economic Development site has had some “TLC” the past couple weeks from Terry, and she will help Boone EDC maintain their site. The Community Foundation scholarships are being updated - Barb is meeting with all of the guidance counselors on the updates for this busy time of year for college applicants. The updates can be taken straight from the page for the application process. Access Indiana had recently upgraded some of their systems and had forgotten to add secondary DNS for BCCN back in to their operations. This error was found because the staff at the libraries in Lebanon and Thorntown were having problems with emails they were sending out.

John asked how many people accessed the site the night of the election ? New member Jeff Papa related that by going to our website about every question he and his family had for their move to Boone County was answered by our site. Chad related that WEBO has a new technical director that should be invited to be a part of the organization. John was pleased that Terry was working with the Boone Economic Development Corporation - that is a real plus. We all agreed. We should still try to get the Town of Zionsville on line with some basic municipal/town information so that all of the Boone County municipalities would be located throughout our site.

ITEM II - Treasurers Report: John presented a handout with expenditures and income since the last Board Meeting. John gave the report in Rebecca’s absence. Grant $ left to spend is zero ($ 0.00). The term of the grant has expired and all funds have been accounted. $19.29 of the grant was left over and was transferred to the general fund after the conclusion of grant activities.The Check requests as written since the last meeting totaled $ 9,362.07. Deposits of $50.00 were made for two new members to the organization. See attached report prepared by her to list the activity since the last meeting. John said we should be in search of grants on a continual basis. No money has been spent from the General Fund. $16,689.59 remains in the general operating fund which has had income of $4,095.02 to date.

ITEM III - Lilly Grant: John submitted a final report of the Grant Activity to Lilly Endowment. He also gave a copy to Lisa John at the Community Foundation. John updated Jeff, our new member, with a synopsis of what the original grant had done. There was a $50,000 grant allowed to help disseminate information. It helped to buy a new server for BCCN which is housed at the Lebanon Schools Admin. Office. Promotional items were used for three trade shows and advertising in the newspapers, and we bought some equipment for some area libraries (Tri-County). This grant is now done. Look for others ! Says John. Terry suggested Debbie Cranfill – at the Zionsville Chamber be provided with some promotional CDs - John will ask how many she may like to have. The tourism council may be able to use these as well.

ITEM IV - Policy regarding .com domains: Terry has come up with an easy method of hosting sites with virtual domains on BCCN. We have several we now host. There would be a fee associated depending on the circumstances. The planned procedure would be easier when handled in this fashion. Several Non-profits have a .com address despite the fact that .org is available to serve them. These people could have a .org point to the BCCN page. Chad asked if the organization should have both .com and .org ? Terry and John have come up with a way to allow this to work. The Zionsville Chamber office is somewhat of a problem. The language will be worked out and an on-line vote will be taken. Dave explained that there should be some disclaimer inserted for any .org who may not necessarily be a 501(c) approved not for profit organization due, in-part, to the question of deductibility of contributions to the respective organization.

ITEM V - Vacant Board Seats: We need to fill two (2) positions. Carl Corson and Marcy Tranbarger board seats are vacant. The Library will need to fill their position. Should we approach another Library ? - the Community Foundation ? The Hussy Mayfield Library ? Z=ville Library has quite a bit of activity, Linda White or Karen Niemeyer are suggested as possibilities to fill the vacancy. John explained the on-line voting process to Jeff. May be some ideas before the next Board Meeting in January. The Annual meeting will be in March 2003.

OTHER STUFF: The new magnets ordered had a slight problem. The pencils were also slightly messed up - a space was inserted where it should not be. Terry happened to have them with her and retrieved them from her car. The group viewed them and could not discern any differences. Terry showed the Board the new BCCN digital camera. A similar model was purchased for the Boone County Senior Citizens and presented to Sue Ritz, the Executive Director. Sue will share this with other organizations which was a wish we had extended to her.

The meeting adjourned at 1:20 p.m.

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