11 September 1997 Meeting Minutes

Lebanon Public Library Meeting Room
6:10 P.M.

Pursuant to E-Mail Notice given all members of the Board of Directors via President Wallace, the Monthly Meeting then convened. The agenda had previously been sent via E-Mail.

Meeting was called to Order by President Wallace. Those attending were Terry McCain, Tom Garoffolo, John Wallace, Dave Truitt, Kay Martin and guest Kim Gregson

John opened the meeting by reporting on a workshop that he and Terry had conducted last evening with Boone County Senior Services. The meeting was full with ten people and some overflow. It was supposed to be from 7:00 to 8:30 - they actually had to push some people out the door at 10:00. Kay suggested that we could do this very thing in the meeting room where we are this evening. Kay asked Terry to find out just what she would need and the Library will help with the advertising. There are actually 75 people registered to use the Internet through the library.

John also reported that he and Terry had met with Larry Hathaway - the new library director and Dr. David Hutton. They were encouraged to think that there will be some financial assistance in some form from them through 1998 (perhaps toward the T-1 monthly cost). No guarantees at this point. Monte had originally predicted we had enough funds to continue operations last through April '98.

John reported on Monte's behalf that there was approximately $14,000.00 in the bank account. He called at the last minute and said he would not be able to be present this evening.

ITEM I: System Administrator's Report - Terry reported on a developing newsletter that she hopes to send out via E-Mail. There is a steady stream of people using the E-Mail Directory.

The Extension Office is talking about running six information and training sessions - 2 family - 2 agricultural - and 2 for Tony Caroll, 4H-Youth Agent.

ITEM II: Content Report: John reported that WeBo (Western Boone) will be using the BCCN Server at this time. They have installed their own T-1 line.

John is working really hard on the Community Network hookup with this school system. He and Terry are putting some things together with the goal being the end of October for this system. Kay Martin has been working hard on sales - Home National Bank / Thorn Tree. John reported that he spoke with Tom Easterday - President of the Town Board of Zionsville, who is very interested in putting Zionsville Town Government on our page.

ITEM III: IRS Paperwork: Dave Reported that the application is still pending. The certified copies of the Articles of Amendment from the Secretary of State were sent to the Revenue agent in Atlanta reviewing our application last week. As soon as we get the exempt status approved by the Internal Revenue Service we will be eligible to obtain some "goodies" from Netscape that are offered only to tax-exempt / not-for-profit organizations.

ITEM IV: KIM GREGSON: John introduced Kim once again who explained the nature of the study she was conducting through Indiana University in conjunction with ICNA. There is a focus through the Chamber of Commerce Grants that are available to spur development / re-vitalize downtowns / create and/or preserve jobs. How can the Community Net be used to make the community more closely knit - provide more jobs ? There is a desire to use the Net as a source of increasing technical skills for employees. What kind of business area available to benefit from these types of ideas in Boone County / Lebanon ? The grant proposal is on a 1 to 1 status for funding with the most being $20,000 that will be matched. The process of the grant proposal is first up. They would like to have local people available to assist with making some contacts for fund raising purposes.

Terry brought up some really neat sites that she would like to link. Project vote smart was specifically mentioned by Terry. Kim was also familiar with this same site. This address allows you to input your zip plus four and then learn all of your governmental representatives.

ITEM V: OTHER BUSINESS: High School Concern - Dave reported on a concern over the High School access to the BCCN Server. The independent study computer class that starts next semester may not have access to Internet for the development of their project. Dave seemed to think that Mr. Loshl had not been made aware of the Net availability. Terry disputed that as Mr. Loshl was present at the time when the preliminary wiring was present. It may just be a matter of access. Mr. Lohsl had commented during the high school open house that the Net was not an available source for the group to use. Kay, Terry an John all seemed to think that this indicated a lack of flexibility in curriculum planning. Dave will call Daryl Hoyer, Interim Principal and inquire about what needs to be done.

Middle School Report: Terry reported that she had taken her laptop to the Middle School and set up an IntraNet within the building. The boys were fascinated with the BCCN site and the girls were really into sending messages to each other. She could not set up E-Mail addresses and passwords fast enough. This is all part of the LMS Discovery Clubs that Terry is helping with on a weekly basis.

Meeting adjourned @ 7:00 p.m. upon motion being duly made and seconded.

Monte showed up late after most all had left. Terry and Dave were still present finishing up some ancillary discussions. $13,881.23 is the balance in the account after payment of outstanding bills.

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