12 December 1996 Meeting Minutes

Monte's House / December BCCN Meeting

Present: Monte Bowman, Jack Hughes, Terry McCain, Dave Truitt

Meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by President Hughes who passed out an agenda from his wizard program on Windows '95.

I. DOMAIN NAME: Jack noted again that today's Email had reported the URL being up and running. You could tell by the smile on Terry's face. She has been working hard for the accomplishment of this goal. We have been assigned the domain name of BCCN.BOONE.IN.US as there is a company in Indianapolis that has previously reserved the name we requested. Terry and Jack asked Dave to inquire whether the County may have reserved this name through one of its vendors.

II. IN-MOTION PROPOSAL: Jack presented information on a proposal from Chris Brown concerning additional possibilities for our organization and one of his organization to work together. Referrals could be a possible source of additional revenue for both entities.

III. ANNUAL REPORT: Jack next presented the group with the ACCESS INDIANA Community Network Annual Report 1996. This form needs some work and should be completed as soon as possible. Rumor has it that failure to submit this report will result in freezing of funds. The group then proceeded to complete the form in draft. Some of the questions focused on the pluses and minuses of the organization and the accomplishments over the past year. The biggest challenge for our board in the coming year will be to generate an ongoing cash flow to help pay for continuing costs. The middle school, the high school and possibly the 4-H extension office could be considered a WAN - may be even able to include the municipal building.

IV. BUSINESS FEES: Jack then brought up the issue of business fees on behalf of John Wallace who could not be here this evening. John would like to change this fee to be in the amount of $ 10.00 per month for a total annual fee of $ 120.00. There would not be to much change in hard copy representation of the proposed change. Essentially we are talking about a "linking" fee. Terry was concerned over the size of the business and how this might impact the number of businesses that are willing to do this and how well they will maintain their sites. The matter was discussed for about 15 minutes but no affirmative action was taken in John's absence to allow him an opportunity to present his viewpoints on the subject.

V. OTHER: Terry suggested that a contingency plan may be in order now that the server is up and running with a site name. What if the T-1 goes down or the server goes down ? Should we talk with Boone REMC to perhaps go back to them in the event the T-1 goes down ? Terry has a computer available at home that could be configured very closely to the Sun system. Terry suggested a most workable plan that all in attendance were in favor of implementing.

Terry also mentioned that we need to start putting up the forwarding notices on the different linked pages.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, January 9th, 1997.


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