July 12, 2004
12:00 P.M.

The Annual Meeting was convened on 07/12/04 at 12:00. Called to Order by Acting President Terry McCain in John Wallace’s temporary absence and welcomed all to the proceedings. It was determined there was not yet a quorum present to take official action as the meeting started.

Those attending: Terry McCain, John Wallace – delayed arrival, Tom Garoffolo, Dave Truitt, Linda White, Chad Martin – delayed arrival, Randy Parsons – Lebanon Utilities – delayed arrival, and Jolene Catlin, our newest member.

1. System Administrator’s Report: Terry says we have 38 email lists with 4,162 email addresses in all of these lists. We likely blanket all of Boone Co. w/ these addresses. Several of the lists are quite large. The biggest is the County 4-H Clubs with 720 on their list. Hussey Mayfield uses our server to send out frequent mailings. There are 654 on a primary list for H/M and 459 on the WEBO list for newsletters. This is a very popular tool. We add several Email lists per year. The Boone Co. Area Plan Commission (APC ) list is very popular – and is used to send out meeting notices and agendas. There are in excess of 100 sites on our home page for groups and organizations, libraries, local governments, schools and non-profits. The total space was not available today but Terry will add that into the minutes before posting. Log files were started @ 8:30 this morning and she left at 11:30 to drive to this meeting and the log file was not yet finished. It takes hours to do this. Linda advised that Thorntown has received 200 WWII photos that she will scan and use to post to the Thorntown Library site. A Mr. Richardson developed them while in service in Europe during WWII and they were loaned from his children. Some are Rosie the Riveter photos. Linda just wanted to make sure there was space available to post them. Terry said no problem.
There are now 16 calendars on BCCN using our software. Community events sent to Terry to post is always busy. Many are sent directly to Terry. In Lebanon the Mayor’s secretary is posting various events to CH 19 which are forwarded by Terry, as well.
Significant Events for us this year included: Lebanon Education Foundation - Firecracker Classic, site – all on BCCN, the teams that were involved accessed the site to learn their playing times.
Lebanon Schools have moved their site off of BCCN and established their own. We are running secondary now and the school is primarily responsible for their own site.
Many people who no longer live in Boone Co. still use our page for reference. Terry gets calls from out of state to obtain advice about where people need to register their kids for soccer or Little League.

2. State of the Network Report from John Wallace, President. Things are going very well. Quite strong. Growth is coming to Boone Co. and we all know it is here. There are 1,000 new homes platted in Boone County near Zionsville. This organization is becoming more and more important to list community activities and political information. Terry’s services as a professional IT person is greatly appreciated as a volunteer ! We might need to tweek our mission statement – need to continue to promote membership.

3. Election of directors:_Tom Garaffolo, was the only person up for election this year. John had spoken with all of those mentioned and indicated that they were willing to serve. Tom was also present and consented. A motion for approval of re-election of those nominated was made and seconded the motion. Those members present voted in favor of the proposed slate of the individuals named by President Wallace by acclamation. There were no contested races.

4. Treasurers Report:
There is approx. $17,000 in our bank account. We have a pretty decent balance and have been fairly frugal in our spending and fiscal management, per John.

Meeting Closed @ 12:25 p.m.


The Monthly Board Meeting for July, 2004 is convened immediately thereafter.

1. Annual Meeting so not much needs to be discussed further. We were the only County with live elections results – John very proud of that.
The main issue for today is to get invoices out. We have a good nest egg for a replacement server. With prices as they are we could get a pretty good deal. The Sun server we have has been very reliable. Prices have stayed very competitive in the marketplace.
Linda updated the Board on the rain events in Thorntown that prevented our meeting from being held there. Some of the Town’s water was coming into the basement of the old bldg. which would have affected the new structure as well.
John wanted to revisit the server cost issue. An estimate of maybe $10,000 might be possible. What is the capability to prove video clips such as for County Commissioner meetings. Bandwidth would be a problem – don’t want to interfere with the schools usage. The software to do the streaming is available for free per Terry.
Terry asked about putting a Homeowner’s Assoc. on the BCCN site. There was debate about how the Assoc. is organized ? Terry will obtain other information and send over to Dave to review for further comment.

2. Election of Officers: A slate of officers was proposed with John as President, Terry as VP. John as Treasurer, Dave as Secretary. The Officers were voted in by acclamation to serve for one more year. Linda White indicated she would take the Treas. Position back after the first of the year if John could handle this till the end of the year. Moved and seconded. Discussion. Question called and vote taken.

Meeting Adjourned at 12:55 p.m.

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