12 June 1997 Meeting Minutes

Stokes Elementary School
6:10 P.M.

Pursuant to notice given all members of the Board of Directors via electronic mail, the monthly meeting then convened pursuant to the agenda previously sent via E-mail.

Meeting was called to Order by Vice President Wallace since the President needs to leave early this evening.

Those in attendance were board members Terry McCain, Dave Truitt, Tom Garoffolo, Jack Hughes, John Wallace, Monte Bowman. Also present were Carl Corson, and Dave Leuck and Chris Brown from In-Motion a local ISP.

ITEM I: MOVING INTERNET SERVER: The first item of the evening discussion concerned the current and future location of the server at the High School Bldg. When can we do this? Terry needs to be present to make sure the unit works. Tomorrow (Friday) at about 5:00 p.m. works for those who need to be there. Plenty of warm bodies will be present. No questions for moving of the server.

ITEM II : T1 LINE Options to consider include the possible relocation of the T1 to the Middle School. The 56K line installed at the high school by mistake could remain at the high school. The Intelenet Commission is funding this 56K line. Originally a 56K tail circuit was to be hooked into the T1 at the high school to connect to the middle school. There are plans for the middle school connection in the near future. If the T1 is moved to the middle school the server could be moved there as well to a room that is climate controlled and constructed for that purpose. Intelenet will pick up the cost of moving one (1) 56K line. The library connection may also be relocated to the middle school. The middle school could have more computers available to hook into the new line via a network. The router will stay in its current location, cabling only will be needed. The middle school media room is better suited for the location. Jack feels that the 56K needs to be at LMS. Minimum of 50 machines at LHS this fall could be hooked in. Perhaps as many as 140 machines could be available for use in some fashion including e-mail capability. Monte mentioned we are in operation till February 1998 absent any capital outlays that may be required. Jack mentioned that reduced rates may be available for service that is provided for schools where Community Nets are located in school buildings. This is a possibility - not known how much of one. This is based on free and reduced lunch.

Monte moved that the T1 stay at the high school and the 56K stay at the Middle School. Tom seconded and the question was called. The vote was unanimous.

Terry asked that BCCN be given some advance notice on any procedures involving the connections since last time there were some difficulties with BCCN's connection when Ameritech installed the Library connection.

ITEM III: FUND RAISING/MAILING John apologized as he had been tinkering with some materials that he had not yet had an opportunity to complete on this item. The same will be taken up at a later time.

ITEM IV: BUSINESSES We now have another paying graphical business link: Halderman Real Estate. There is also word that Ray Dearing and the Lebanon Chamber of Commerce are going to become corporate members of BCCN. John updated the In-Motion representatives on the general plan of linking business web sites for free and establishing a small fee for an additional graphical business ad or link.

ITEM V: OTHER In-Motion announced they would like to become a corporate member. John then attempted to sell them a graphical link. What a businessman!.

John, Chris and Dave L. carried on a general conversation about the potential elimination of competing services. That is to say John does not have a desire for a volunteer non-profit organization to compete with a for-profit organization such as In-Motion. The issue first surfaced over the hosting services offered by each organization. BCCN's own emphasis is probably best suited for hosting non-profit organizations and providing community information. BCCN is glad to have In-Motion on the business links page.

Monte requested an agenda item for next meeting to create a time line for the final connection of the high school to the T1 line. Jack can help more on that and had to leave early this evening.

Carl Corson indicated a desire to become a personal member.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:15 p.m. upon motion being duly made and seconded. Vote was unanimous.

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