12 March 1998 Meeting Minutes

Boone County REMC Meeting Room
6:20 P.M.
(Immediately following the Members Annual Meeting)

Pursuant to Notice given all members of the Board of Directors via Electronic Mail, the Monthly Meeting convened immediately after the Annual Meeting of the Members of the Corporation.

The meeting was called to Order by President Wallace and the agenda was pursued as previously distributed via E-Mail. Board Members present were John Wallace, Terry McCain, Tom Garoffolo, Dave Truitt and Monte Bowman. Also in attendance from the prior Annual Meeting of Members were Jerry Selby and Mike Howenstein.
President Wallace welcomed all those to the meeting.

ITEM I: System Administrator's Report - For the second month in a row there have been over 1,000 hits on our home page. There are now 1,050 files that make up our Web site. Classes have been conducted for BCSSI (Boone County Senior Services, Inc.) and the 4-H Extension Office. Two sessions have also been held for the Lebanon school corporation and two more are scheduled in May of this year. There is a new Election page up on the site that is only missing Township candidates. Terry will get that information from the courthouse. The Star News has agreed to share with us their information sheet on candidates that will allow the posting of this information on our site. We can use it as a guide in preparing our own sheet to send to candidates. (Provided the candidates fill them out and return them)

Terry distributed the monthly statistics which showed a noticeable growth of new participants - notably the Hussey- Mayfield Library in Zionsville. Welcome!

ITEM II: Content Report - John made sure all knew that the page was re-designed. (Thanks to Terry !) WE ARE THE INDICO TEMPLATE - there will be no separate templates/pages as had first been discussed. John was successful in talking with the INDICO representatives to help all better understand the importance of the volunteer work that had gone into the BCCN page. We were asked to highlight "INSPIRE" which helps promote library and database information provided by the state. We have also been asked to try and update our county records. Dave provided Terry with the names of the Commissioners and the Council off the top of his head. He will send addresses to her via FAX.

John updated the board on a meeting he and Terry had attended with the former Director Betsy Galloway of the EMA (Emergency Management Agency - formerly the Boone County Civil Defense). The Community Foundation acted as a facilitator to allow the meeting to occur. Betsy indicated that there is a need for a data base for EMA usage. There may be a way to establish this and then keep it funded. Terry will speak to the Community Foundation about the Boone County Community Network at their April meeting.

ITEM III: Treasurer's Report - The bank account had a balance of $ 8610 with promised additional funds of $ 1407 from the Intelenet Commission. Monte had several checks with him for dues payment and updated the financial report as had been previously prepared prior to the meeting. Monte confirmed that those which had received invoices for yearly dues / graphic ads had responded in kind with payment. Jerry inquired about the methods that are used to solicit advertising. He would be willing to solicit interest from the industrial park as he works with Project Literacy.

ITEM IV: New Business - John reported on the Community Fair that was conducted in Zionsville this past weekend. Many of those present were organizations which would like to have partnerships with on our page. John distributed brochures to all and Tom provided much needed "personalization."

ITEM V: End of Fiduciary Relationship with Lebanon School Corporation - John brought this up again and debate ensued between John, Terry and Monte. There are pros and cons both ways on this issue.

ITEM VI: TCI Commercials - Tom reported that TCI will be selling off smaller markets. The ability to advertise on cable that we discussed last month is thus uncertain till this sorts out. A suggestion also was made about a format for an ad that would allow "scrolling" of those corporate members that are part of the organization.

The meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

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