12 November 1996 Meeting Minutes

7 p.m. at home of Terry McCain.
Second planning meeting for community presentation at city of Lebanon Council Chambers (continuation of planning presentation meeting on the 4th).

Note: County Commissioners cannot attend on the evening of the 25th due to the Royal Run rezoning meeting at the fairgrounds.

Present: Jack Hughes, Terry McCain, John Wallace, Dave Truitt.

John provided an update of today's ICNA meeting before we really got started.

Discussion: In general a brainstorm session ensued. Discussion was had on some extra uses for newspapers and schools. Jack shared that CH 59 called the schools and informed them that their station would be posting school closings on the CH 59 page this winter. All thought this was a good idea and will be considered for the LHS page on BCCN with hot links to the other two Boone County School Districts. General discussion was made on the email address for BCCN for ICNA communication purposes.

The evening's topic was then considered. Jack wanted to expand a little bit on the makeup of the Board of Directors and briefly explain what Access Indiana is. The mission statement from the brochure was reviewed then it was decided to formulate a list of handout documents for the meeting. Considered: brochure / What are we looking for in a proposal (budget) / and a general information sheet such as has been used in earlier presentations to Rotary and the Lebanon School Board.

Jack has spoken with Robin about borrowing necessary equipment. Jack still needs to look into the availability of an ethernet card.

The number of people that we should plan to attend was settled upon as approximately 25. The County Commissioners are required to hear the Royal Run rezoning request in a public hearing format on the 25th. Dick Robertson will still plan to attend as a county representative per Dave who attended the Commissioners meeting this morning. Most of the County Council should be there as well as all of the members of the City Council since they will be meeting immediately before the presentation.

Length of presentation should be no more than 30 minutes. Provide URL as part of the presentation so those present can visit the site after the evening is over. Possible demonstrations and applications for the county would be NACO - welfare reform, weather sites for county highway for weather watching, digital camera information for road inventory of bridges and fence projects.

We will flow into the presentation and a lot of the items of concern on the outline will be brought out and answered: What is BCCN - What is Access Indiana?

The members of the board will answer questions as they are offered from those present rather than have different speaking roles for each.

We then adjourned to "surf."

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