12 September 1996 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 6 p.m. at Stokes Elementary.

Present: Monte Bowman, Tom Garoffolo, Jack Hughes, Kay Martin, Terry McCain, Dave Truitt, John Wallace

WEB STATUS: As of 2:30 this afternoon, the T-1 was supposed to be up and running per Jack.

SERVER STATUS: Terry indicated we had the server and the keys were in her possession at the meeting. She and Jack intend to do some work on the hardware after this evening meeting.

INSURANCE: We are now insured to the tune of $ 90.00 per annum. We will not be required to send a separate letter of instruction to Joe Gennaro. This can be taken care of by BCCN due to the minimal cost involved.

CONSULTANTS FOR WEB PAGES: John Wallace wanted to address the issue of him doing web service for clients. This would be as side work, not as a representative of BCCN. He is being paid to do work on a web page for Boone County ARC, has approached Boone County Solid Waste District and has had some interest from Parr Richey Obremskey & Morton for web page development. It was suggested that John follow up in any agreement by some sort of letter of confirmation indicating he is not an agent for BCCN.

TREASURERS RESPONSIBILITIES: Terry provided the first official membership check made payable to "Lebanon Community Schools" as fiduciary agent for BCCN. Notation on the check should read that this is for the BCCN membership fee as a member. This membership was for both Terry and her husband Mike Howenstein. Terry asked to step down from the responsibility of Treasurer due to her distance from the day to day needs of the position. She would like to concentrate on system administration. Jack asked for volunteers to which Monte replied in the affirmative.

ICNA (Out of Order): John gave and update for the ICNA Report. The status of Mark Whitman was discussed in general. Dues will be paid for the first membership year and evaluated year by year thereafter.

VOICE MAIL: Monte reported that the service was available for $ 4.00 per month through Frontier Telephone Company in Thorntown. This still requires a post office box to allow billing for the service. Tom reported that at the end of this month's billing cycle there are no boxes available in Lebanon. The cost is $ 52.00 for a large box for six months and $ 86.00 for an extra large box. Any type of business is suggested to have at least a large box. A vote via e-Mail will be taken when the costs are sent to all for evaluation and consideration.

STANDARDS PAGE: The previously distributed Style Guide was reviewed from Terry. An outside organization should link back to BCCN and have a contact name on their page. The pages are also to be monitored to assure that the guidelines are followed in the use of the site.

CONTENT DEVELOPMENT REPORT: John - The libraries from Thorntown and Zionsville have not gotten back to him yet. There is considerable interest from both parties. John has a good graphic available along with some line art given to him earlier. A page for Zionsville is on hold at this time. HTML preparation is a part of our grant and John wants to get started on the development of these soon. John suggested getting home pages up for all of the incorporated communities in the county and the schools. Terry suggested that criteria should be developed for people offering this service to meet and use as guidelines. Advertising for this service will be placed on our web page and also in the local newspaper. Jack suggested a special meeting to be devoted to setting criteria for HTML personnel. Tom suggested that the City of Lebanon is setting a goal to put the newly revised City Code on the page. The special meeting was established as 6:00 p.m. in the Stokes meeting room for next Thursday, September 19, 1996.

OTHER: Jack brought up a matter he received from Access Indiana concerning an agreement on the logo used on the A.I. page. The item appeared to be a written agreement governing the use of the Access Indiana logo. Dave will review the documents and get back to Jack on the same. Meeting then adjourned for business purposes with several members of the board then traveling to Lebanon High School to view the newly installed T-1 and server.

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