12 September 2000 Meeting Minutes

Lebanon Public Library Meeting Room
Tuesday, September 12 2000
12:05 P.M.

Pursuant to Notice given all members of the Board of Directors via Electronic Mail, the Monthly Meeting convened upon Terry McCain calling the same to order acting on behalf of John Wallace who could not attend for business reasons.

The meeting was called to Order by Terry and the agenda was pursued as previously distributed via E-Mail and supplemented by Terry. Board Members present were Cheryl Walden, Terry McCain, Jane Brandenburg, Carl Corson, Dave Truitt and guest Susan Barnett. Member Rebecca Hull arrived later in the noon hour.

ITEM I: System Administrator's Report: - Terry reported that the new server software has been installed and she is waiting for a late night switchover of controlling software. This will allow the virtual domain procedure. She did all the necessary patching required and updates for the software.

The WEBO students are working on six new sites. Mental Health, Habitat, Traders Point Pony Club. A lab class is working on keeping things up to date. The WEBO newsletter had also been seen by all that Terry had previously forwarded. She is often confused with Terry McCan who even lives in the same subdivision. Cheryl asked if the Zionsville library (Hussey-Mayfield) site was working ñ Ameritech is still a problem there.

ITEM II: Content Report: Terry then brought the board up on a tour that she and Dave had participated in last month. The Community Foundation of Boone showed all of its members various grant recipients of Phase IV funds. Terry spoke while the bus was traveling from Jamestown to Thorntown. The Vigil Benge park and the Tri-area library were visited in Jamestown and the Thorntown Park Dept. improvements were seen in Thorntown. Bob Guernsey showed various entities that have trust funds with the Foundation.

BCCN participated in the Zionsville Fall Festival. Both days were staffed by volunteers. Member Rebecca Hull made up a beautiful basket to award to those who had registered at the booth in Zionsville. Tom took pictures of the day with the new digital camera that holds a memory stick in a ìfloppy adapterî. This item will hold many more pictures than a standard floppy disc. Terry gave a brief demonstration of all of the features that are available with the camera. She also brought up the new digital projector that the Corp. purchased. The policy for loaning needs further discussion. There was consensus that a smaller group get together and determine the pollicies that need to be put in place.

ITEM II: Treasurer's Report: - Carl indicated that there is not a lot to report. There are two new ads for the site. Most of the expenditures are for grant activity from the prior reporting period. Carl is missing some information that Terry supplemented. Jane brought people up to date on the status of the Historical Society. There had been previous authorization for the Historical Society to hook up on the Internet. When they found out they could not use their existing CPU the money that was previously authorized was applied to the purchase of another unit that would be Internet compatible. The old tape drive from the old server was given to VAI to allow a credit on the new unit.

ITEM III: Community Foundation Boone County/Lilly/Items: The original request to CFBC was for $55,000.00 but we got $50,000.00. Part of the written grant was to buy a computer for an under-served area of the county. Some of the money we did get could be allocated to another area. The importance of a notebook computer is no longer a priority. Terry was impressed with what had been done at the Tri-Area Library. They lack Internet access at this facility. This would be a good fit for the intent of the grant from Lilly and would help provide service to the community of Jamestown. The consensus of those present is approval of this idea from Terry. Monte Tom and John will be consulted as well.

Next there was discussion on the use of funds and the need to plan for ìa rainy dayî. Carl mentioned that there is not much money being spent now that the T-1 cost is under the school budget. Dave reiterated that we should not continue to operate under the assumption that the Community Foundation or Lilly would be available to fund a replacement server as occurred this past Spring.

NEW BUSINESS: The vacancy of Kelly Murphy was discussed again. There was never anything specific in the bylaws that said the position occupied by Kelly has to be filled by the technical director of the school corporation. Chad Martin occupies that position currently with Lebanon Schools.

Ray Marsh, Renfro Drive, of Indianapolis IN was drawn as the winner of the basket arrangement prepared by Rebecca Hull for the Zionsville Fall Festival. Rebecca thought that she could put another one together for the Back to 50ís Festival in Lebanon but it may not have the same contents.

The meeting adjourned at 1:20 p.m.

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