13 July 1999 Meeting Minutes

Lebanon Public Library Meeting Room

Board Members Present: Janie Brandenburg, Carl Corson, Tom Garoffolo, Terry McCain, Kelly Murphy, Cheryl Walden, John Wallace.

Guests: Lisa Latz John

Meeting was called to order at noon by John Wallace.

Community Foundation

John introduced Lisa Latz John, Executive Director of the Community Foundation (CF) of Boone County. John had invited Lisa to come and speak to the board about the services that the CF provides for non-profits in Boone County. Lisa explained that the CF is the "Community Chest" of Boone County.

The CF's mission is to improve the quality of life for Boone County residents. There are two "pots" of money that the CF manages: endowment funds and pass-through funds.

Lisa spoke to the BCCN board members about the benefits of the CF establishing a pass-through account for BCCN. The CF would then become the fiscal agent for BCCN replacing the Lebanon Community School Corporation--writing checks and depositing funds in an account specifically for BCCN. For this service, the CF receives a 2 % management fee. Funds in the BCCN account would earn interest--Lisa explained that currently pass-through accounts at the CF are earning about 4.5% interest (funds are placed in a sweep account each evening). Subtracting the 2% administration fee, BCCN funds could potentially earn about 2.5%. Bills to be paid could be mailed or dropped off at the CF office with about a 1 week turn-around for payment. Reports on the account are available by request. The CF is audited yearly by an independent auditor.

Lisa fielded questions on the process after that and then John thanked Lisa for coming to talk to the board.

After Lisa left, the board discussed the pros and cons of the CF pass-through accounts. Everyone seemed very excited about the options this offered to BCCN. Carl Corson made a motion to use the CF as the fiduciary agent for BCCN and the motion was seconded by several other board members. It was then decided that the vote would take place via email so that Dave would have time to voice his opinion on the process and participate once he returned from vacation.

System Administrator's Report/Content Report from Terry and John

Access statistics for June were briefly discussed--even during what is considered a relatively "slow" month, there had been 1865 visits to the BCCN home page.

Terry passed out copies of the BCCN Privacy Statement that she had emailed board members about several weeks earlier, and discussed why a privacy statement was important. Tom had reported some corrections by email regarding grammar, and Janie pointed out an inconsistency in wording. Terry has linked the new privacy statement to the BCCN home page following the copyright statement near the bottom of the page.

Terry reported that she is working on a membership form for BCCN which will be linked from the "About" page. It will most likely consist of a PDF document that can be printed, filled out and mailed with a check to BCCN.

Terry mentioned that she needs a current list of personal and corporate members to update the Members and Supporters page and a copy of the amended by-laws.

Terry received a disk from Pam Newton at the Boone County Prosecutor's Office with information for their web site. Pam had spoken with Tom about getting the site on-line.

Terry mentioned that she would be submitting a request by email soon for approval to purchase new backup tapes for BCCN.

John reported we had a new personal membership in BCCN. Rebecca Hull is a new BCCN member!

Treasurer's Report

Welcome to our new BCCN Treasurer, Carl Corson! Carl was nominated and elected by email vote. Carl had several checks to be deposited, and Kelly graciously volunteered to deliver those to Ruth on his way back to his office.

John reported that he had successfully contacted Frontier about the option of paying for more than one month of voicemail service at time. BCCN will now be able to send Frontier a check for 6 months of service. Good work, John!

Other Business

John reported on his efforts at tracking down the status of coverage of the BCCN server.

Meeting was adjourned shortly after 1 pm.

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