13 March 1997 Meeting Minutes

Stokes Elementary School
6:00 p.m.

Members Present: Tom Garoffolo, Jack Hughes, Kay Martin, Terry McCain, David Truitt and John Wallace

NOMINATION OF OFFICERS: John moved that Jack serve as President for the next year. Terry seconded the motion. A point of order was stated by President Hughes and John's original motion and Terry's second were withdrawn. A second motion was then made by Dave Truitt to have the existing officer's serve in that same capacity for an additional year. That motion was seconded by John Wallace and approved by majority voice vote.

AMENDMENT OF BYLAWS: President Hughes pointed out an inconsistency in the existing by-laws @ Article V - Sections 1 and 2. The term of each successive director was either three years or one year. After discussion on the matter the Board approved amendment of Section two to read three (3) years instead of one (1) to be consistent w/ Section One establishing the initial Board terms.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Discussion from John Wallace and Terry McCain. The idea of a separate page for advertising or categorizing business's similar to the BCCN E-Mail directory page. The later has been the most popular page on our server since being established. It is the only place in Boone County where people can visit and learn another's E-Mail address. What about "The Yellow Pages" ? Copyrite problems in that regard ? Calling this idea an advertiser's page would be near a death sentence on such an endeavor. We must reach a happy medium in providing graphics since that will require more loading time for the page. A business from Zionsville (Rick's Lawn Service) called Terry and was ready "to pay my money" for a listing to the E-Mail directory w/ a link to his home page. Further discussion centered around the idea of a variation of the yellow pages. YELL-O ------------ Y-E-L-L------O. Possibly attach a wav.file w/ some bar music of the old Jello gelatin jingle as a "catcher".

John is still working on quotes on the BCCN brochure. He is also making the rounds to eh service clubs to help further marketing efforts. He will look for some more input on a non-compensated basis then it may be time to start formulating some paid advertisements.

Jack discussed the E-Mail previously sent about the Community liaisons. Jack explained a little more about this message that had been forwarded from Mark Whitman. Jack had invited them to attend this evening but they were unable to do so. There was general interest in this regard and Jack indicated he would find some alternate dates and E-Mail them for an additional meeting. John wants to move on this quickly to help us and also provide us with some connections for future marketing opportunities.

John suggested that more efforts need to be made to increase our membership. Perhaps put more membership information on our home page.

Content is on the upswing. Terry has put a lot of 4-H events on the community calendar. Little League schedules can be handled the same once the schedule is available. Each of those baseball teams have a sponsor that would work in well to our "Buy a page - get a page free" marketing concept.

Terry suggested that we should take a look at the long term budget and calculate the cost of self sufficiency soon. Our revenue will start dropping quickly very soon.

Nothing further came before the board and the meeting was adjourned.

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