13 November 1997 Meeting Minutes

Boone County REMC Meeting Room
6:10 P.M.

Pursuant to Notice given all members of the Board of Directors via Electronic Mail, the Monthly Meeting then convened pursuant to the agenda previously sent via E-Mail.

Meeting was called to Order by President Wallace. Those present were John Wallace, Dave Truitt, and Monte Bowman. Member Carl Corson also was in attendance as was Member Chris Brown from In-Motion, ISP. There was not a quorum so no official business could be transacted. Tom Garoffolo could not attend do to the Follies practice commitment.

ITEM I: 501 (C) Tax Status:

John asked that Dave bring the rest of the board up to update on the latest information from the Internal Revenue Service. Dave explained that the Service had granted our tax exempt status on a provisional basis - subject to further review. Dave explained that the language contained in the letter received at the School's Office was typical from his experience and that we should consider ourselves proper in the eyes of the IRS. This made Dave think that he needs to follow up with the State of Indiana and provide this information to the Indiana Department of Revenue to allow for proper registration with that State Agency. There was additional discussion on the registration with the State of Indiana. John inquired if the Tax I.D. number had been obtained ? Dave will follow up on that if it shows on the letter from the IRS - if not he will check with the IRS and the person that did our paperwork. (Later in the meeting Dave found the Taxpayer I.D. Number in an envelope that was in the minute book. It was obtained right around the time Jack resigned and moved to Richmond)

ITEM II: T-1 Line - It looks like there will be some funds from the Intellenet Commission to pay for the T-1 line in 1998. There is a verbal agreement to this point - still awaiting papers on the final agreement. The Intellenet will become the customer of record for billing purposes. Additional Discussion Below.


John indicated the financials on the Web needed to be updated and asked Monte if he could work on an that for the Board.

John mentioned that he had made a successful presentation to the Zionsville Town Council. They seemed very interested. He introduced the organization (BCCN). Our server will be the official site for the Town of Zionsville. Wants to get around to Jamestown and the other towns and communities to bring them up to date.

John then reported on the seminar that was conducted at the High School for Boone County Senior Services. Everyone seemed to have a very good time - lots of smiles and interest in the seminar. 26 people were there. 6 had to be turned away and placed on a waiting list. The equipment was not totally up to date. Dave Orr has a room with some Pentium Pro's 200 MHz that could be used. Terry is teaching a workshop at the high school for those instructors that want some information on the net.

The Intellenet is providing another years funding to Lebanon High School to help fund the T-1. This makes the corporation (BCCN) solvent - or least look that way - for the time being. Once the school becomes more responsible for the costs there will be some more funds available to help offset the costs. This will be taken care of by something called " The Universal Service Fund ".

Monte reported we have brought in about $ 1000.00 in Revenue this year. Our balance right now is $ 11294.00 in the treasury. The monthly cost for our current T-1 is $ 1470.00

Chris inquired about the status of the networking at the high school. Kelley Murphy is very busy and has many things to be doing since his hiring.

John brought up the need to join the Indiana Community Network Association for the sum of $ 100.00. ( Kudos and Thank You to John for your efforts in asserting a reasonable fee should be charged for this membership.) - No action taken since no quorum present.

An additional invoice will be sent to CMB, Inc. One has already been sent out to In-Motion, LLC.

Monte requested direction on membership and invoices. Monte suggested John write up a summary of the activities for the year with Season's Greetings as a dues notice. John had contemplated just a letter then the invoice. It was suggested to send both together. The next question was "When do members stop being members". The By-laws were consulted to determine that if dues were not paid by the time of the annual meeting in March - then they would not really be members since they would not be allowed to vote for the Board of Directors.

Chris inquired about what types of information the corporation was seeking from Netscape since the exempt status has been approved. He was willing to assist in acquiring this information. He also inquired about what policy the corporation had with regard to the acquisition of software and the posting and loading of same. These items were referred to Terry for further input. She is somewhat UNIX oriented in her approach to maintaining the system per John. John also mentioned that Terry would like to pick up some backup tapes for the system. Monte said there has been a prior invoice for these but they have been hard to find recently. John thought maybe this was a Sun drive of some sorts.

John suggested that maybe this would be a good year coming up. He would like to do some community service type things. Example: Maybe pick up a computer and put it in place somewhere like the Boys Club and then put in an Internet connection. Chris mentioned that he has been holding some classes downtown for some businesses. They have a projector that they would be willing to allow the corporation to borrow (In-Focus). They will be looking at renting it out to business's that may show interest in the same in the future.

Chris would like to have the minutes posted a little quicker. He has worked with the City of Lebanon in helping them to post the City Council minutes a lot quicker. He has trained their staff to post through notepad. Jeff Warwick has done a good job in getting the City's site ready for the posting. Terry is busy, we're sure.

Meeting Adjourned - 6:55 p.m. (So everyone could brush the first snowfall of the season off their car.)

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