14 August 1997 Meeting Minutes

Boone County REMC Meeting Room
5:45 P.M.

Pursuant to Telephonic Notice given all members of the Board of Directors via Melissa at Lebanon School's office, the Monthly Meeting convened. The agenda was somewhat informal given the pending start of school and the need for several members to leave early this evening and thus the early start for the meeting.

Meeting was called to Order by President Hughes. Those attending were President Hughes, Terry McCain, Tom Garoffolo, Monte Bowman, John Wallace, Carl Corson, and Dave Truitt

President Jack Hughes opened the discussion for the evening. His previous E-Mail had advised the Board that this would be his last meeting. Jack, unfortunately, has resigned his position with the Lebanon school system, and will be accepting a teaching position in Richmond, Indiana. Jack's written resignation was then presented to the Board.

Jack asked that the Network keep close contact with the schools. He further reported that 23 machines are up and running on the "net" at LHS. He and Terry had coordinated these efforts. Monte mentioned the incredible "ripple effect" of their combined efforts. Training sessions for the teachers need to be arranged - perhaps a session for those unfamiliar with the net and others with a lesson plan of sorts. The Middle School Instructors could be brought to the High School for some of their training.

Jack brought the Board up to date on some conversations with Mark Whitman regarding funding and basically getting Community Nets out from under their T-1 obligations. (The cost factor). Jack suggested that the machines that are up and running be used quickly and a lot. Show the benefits to the community and to the School Board to help show what the benefits are and perhaps the Schools would help with the cost - maybe split the cost.

Terry indicated that Intelenet basically decided how things would work at the library in Lebanon. A "tail circuit" was derived from BCCN's T-1 line without the knowledge of the Board. Terry just uncovered this development at the end of last week and advised the board this evening. Dave was concerned since this is a private account which BCCN is primarily liable for and in essence the library is getting a benefit of sorts with this "tail circuit". IF BCCN does not pay the bill then not only does BCCN go down, so does the Lebanon Library. Interesting "web" we weave through AI / Intelenet.

Monte asked about the possbile funding from Acess Indiana. John said his previous hopes had been somewhat dashed and that funding is not going to be there. Monte expanded and asked the question of what would the schools have to do to gain access to the net if BCCN folded? Everything that BCCN has done the past three years and more at a cost of some $ 50,000.00 +. This could be a way to approach the Schools and perhaps split the cost or at least lessen the same on the T-1.

ITEM I: IRS Paperwork: Dave reported that the Corporations Division of the State of Indiana had returned our application for Amendment of Articles. The reason stated was of the Form that had been used was not the correct item. Dave did not have a Not-For-Profit Form and had used a For-Profit Form with what he thought were appropriate markings and x's. The office requested the same information be substituted to the new form and resubmitted. A second reason was the lack of a current report on file for BCCN. This must have crossed in the mail since Jack brought in a separate report form that John can now sign and send on to the Secretary of State. Once we have the corrected Articles we can send on to the Internal Revenue Service to bring the tax - exempt application out of suspense for completion and final ruling. Dave also explained the need to change the resident agent on the annual report for the Secretary of State since Jack's name appears on that as well. Since the new Technology Director for the Lebanon Schools has not been named yet we either have to wait and fill in that person's name or provide another for the purpose of process serving by State law. Dave and Jack discussed the need to change the resident agent to someone at the school's office. Jack will alert the schools office to direct anything that comes in to John at the REMC.

ITEM II: ICNA Report. Monte asked for a synopsis of what was going on w/ ICNA at the State level and the Executive Director's position. John Wallace reported that Mark Whitman will actually be working with Access Indiana for the next two (2) years. ICNA will be a loosely organized group who will attempt to do some lobbying and have some annual meetings.

ITEM III: System Administrator's Report: Terry reported there were 274 hits to our home page in the first 10 days after the article about BCCN ran in the Metro North Edition of The Indianapolis Star. Roughly 750 hits occurred in July. The mass mailing that John did brought some results - not as much as John would have liked. Terry indicated that some organizations were taking the items in the mailing through their governing boards for additional action (i.e. buy a page - get a page concept discussed earlier this summer).

Boone County ARC has transferred their web space to the Boone County Step Ahead Council and the Step Ahead Council now has a page on the web. The Lebanon Library got good coverage in last night's Reporter. They got a lot of hits after the address was made public. John suggested it may be time to run some newspaper advertising since just about every other method has now been attempted. John thought personal contacts might be a good source as well. Carl Corson suggested ads with lists of organizations that are supportive of the BCCN. John thought perhaps that the Community Foundation was close to coming on Board.

ITEM IV: Membership Deadlines: Monte would like some direction on those who wish to join the organization as to where their fees are applied (i.e. - draw a line in time). Monte suggests that for those paying after October 1, the balance of that year and the next year should be included in their membership. In essence they get three (3) months free. Monte moved this in the form of a motion, and Tom Seconded. The motion carried by unanimous voice vote.

ITEM V: Board Member Home Pages: Tom Garoffolo suggested that since we have a lot of extra space on the server that it might be a good board "Perk" to allow each board member to have a Home Page. Of course such a page should comply with the acceptable use policy and overall guidelines prescribed by the Board. Quite a bit of conversation ensued and Monte moved that this idea be given some considerable thought before next meeting. Terry really needs to be present to help us on the technical aspect of the space use. (Terry had been required to leave early to attend a meeting of the technical committee for the Lebanon Schools at this point of the discussion). After second thought Monte withdrew his motion for consideration at the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 6:55 p.m. upon motion being duly made and seconded.

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