14 December 2001 Meeting Minutes


Pursuant to Notice given all members of the Board of Directors via Electronic Mail, the Monthly Meeting convened upon the President calling the same to order.

The meeting was called to Order by President Wallace and the agenda was pursued as previously distributed via e-mail. Board Members present were John Wallace, Jayne Brandenburg, Terry McCain and Dave Truitt. Rebecca Hull, our always affable and efficient Treasurer (and Board Member in Training) was present also.

ITEM I: System Administrator’s/ Content Report: - Terry updated the board on several things. WEBO has approximately 20 students signed up for the coming semester. This is the class that helps us with Web site construction and development. They will continue to work on the Fall sites that are in progress. Terry has the application from Pleasant View Church for their site. She will be working on this. She will be installing the next Integer version of our Web software. The scholarship information for the Lebanon Educational Foundation will be up and posted very soon - likely over Christmas.

The Community Foundation email accounts (for each individual) are being used and they love them. Credit Card use for the Community Foundation is also going to be up and running very soon. Terry indicated that Tom and Lisa Garoffolo have seen the new software for the Boone Clerk’s Office and it appears that the election results reported through the clerk will be HTML ready and as they upload from the Clerk the site will be updated. The Hussey Mayfield library mail list has been moved to a new location.

Terry is working on a political page to house information from candidates which could be forthcoming in the Spring election/Primary. There will be another area for history which John suggested could contain pictures of iron bridges he has at the REMC and some photos of historical markers taken by Terry. John and Terry suggested that we should offer to replace some software and hardware at the school given the amount of work they are doing for us. Terry suggested a new version of Photoshop for about $1430, an illustrator for about $ 90.00 and a graphics tablet for about $200.00. This would come from grant funds for Kathy's class.

John and Terry have talked some about a new page that would promote the availability of the projector and camera. This should be done on a case by case basis and mention that equipment is available for use within the non-profit arena. John is excited about The Town of Zionsville who has expressed additional interest in using the BCCN server. There is a new planner in Town and John has worked with him a little on this. Not sure if we would be in a position to run email service for them. John has talked with some folks that have done searches on our site and they are taking a longer time. Jane mentioned that the phone lines in the country are slower than those in the cities and this may be a reason why some searches may be slow while on our site.

ITEM II: Treasurers Report - Rebecca submitted a written report that showed the expenditures for the month. We have a new member - Chris Allen - whom sent in dues and has requested to volunteer in our work. Marsh grocery stores sent us an enrollment card for the fresh idea program where a percentage will go to our organization. Signs By design and Katie Culp from Boone County Economic Development have sent us Christmas cards.

There is $ 17,878.80 left in the Grant fund as of this date. The most recent expenditures were as follows: Ads - $593.20; Top Ten Ads - $ 1080.00; Terry McCain - $349.50 - Secure Site Set Up for CFBC; Jane Brandenburg - $ 20.00 Pavillion Gift Certificate; Knights of Pythias - Booth Fee: $40.00; Rebecca Hull - Arni's Gift Certificate - $ 20.00; Rebecca Hull - Reimburse for 50's Surfing Basket.

ITEM III: Monte Bowman's Vacant Board Seat: Rebecca agreed to fill the vacancy of Monte and it was agreed in acclamation by those present. A vote on-line will follow for the necessary quorum.

ITEM IV: Library Board Vacant Seat: John conveyed that Marci Tranbarger would be available to fill this seat. When we have a quorum we can vote to accept Marci.

ITEM V: Meeting Dates for 2002: Due to Jane's strange schedule the board will need to meet on another day. The second Monday each month will be the next meting date starting in January. Jane is required to supply salsa.

ITEM VI: Lilly Grant: We should start considering how to offer our web hosting services after the Grant period expires.

The meeting adjourned at 1:15 p.m.

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