14 December 2002 Meeting Minutes


Pursuant to Notice given all members of the Board of Directors via Electronic Mail, the Monthly Meeting convened upon the President calling the same to order.

The meeting was called to Order by President Wallace and the agenda was pursued as previously distributed via e-mail. Board Members present were John Wallace, Jayne Brandenburg, Terry McCain, Chad Martin, Tom Garoffolo and Dave Truitt. Rebecca Hull, our always affable and efficient Treasurer (and Board Member in Training) was present also although late due to circumstances beyond her control. Marci Tranbarger, our newest board member, elect, was also present as a representative of the Lebanon Public Library.

ITEM I: Treasurers Report - Rebecca needed to go first for her report today. John graciously allowed her to do so. Rebecca submitted a written report that showed the expenditures for the month and dues collection thus far for 2002. The amount of $542 in dues and advertising revenues has been received thus far this year. Rebecca picked up another $100.00 at the post office this morning on her way to the meeting that was not reflected in the monthly report she prepared and submitted. John commented: AYou are outstanding” referring to Rebecca’s invoices sent out at the start of the month for dues and advertising billings. John also said: “Your invoices are absolutely great.”

All of those present greatly appreciated Rebecca’s tremendous efforts at getting these out early this year. Within Rebecca’s report Terry discussed that Martha Kapp of the Hussey Mayfield Library in Zionsville had been speaking with Terry about government cooperation. There was also discussion about the status of the Boone County Community Foundation as a member and that they had been with us since the beginning of our organization.

There is $ 15,926.80 left in the Grant fund as of this date and the General Fund has a balance of $ 12,929.42 as of today. There were no recent expenditures to report.

ITEM II: Vacant Board Seats – While there was a quorum present President Wallace asked for a Motion to approve the two newest Members of the Board of Directors. Since there has been a lack of a quorum at the past two board meetings the confirmation of Rebecca could not occur until today. John asked for a motion to approve Rebecca as a board member and Jayne moved, Dave seconded, (and Terry added a “third”) for the motion to approve Rebecca to replace Monte Bowman on the Board of Directors. The vote was unanimous. Next John asked for a motion to approve the Lebanon Public Library’s new representative, Marci Tranbarger for the vacant Library Board seat. Rebecca moved and Jayne second to have Marci fill the unexpired term of the vacant seat. The actual term is to expire in March 2002. Marci was present already at the meeting and indicated a willingness to carry on with the board.

ITEM III: System Administrator’s/ Content Report: - Terry updated the board on several things after Rebecca’s presentation. Terry has received a phone call from the Clerk of the Boone County Courts, Lisa Garoffolo. The Microvote software used by the County will now upload pages as they are updated. All that is needed is an account and ID number to allow us to report election results during the primary and general elections in 2002. The account representative will do some testing of the software just before the election. There was discussion of the several “trickle down” benefits that BCCN realizes from the election period. There is usually high traffic – with lots of questions generated during the election times. Once people visit to see the election results they realize they are other benefits to the site. Chad asked if a “start page@ designation could be made up for those who visit during the election. Sort of like “If you’d like to make us your home page – click here”. Terry seemed to think this would be possible with the right software.

Terry talked to Kathy Fox @ Western Boone this week – she has 15 students this semester but will have them do 14 pages under our not for profit sites program. These will be assigned and worked up during the second six weeks of class. The Pleasant View Church will be worked up as a page in the second semester with Kathy's class. The Zionsville Sesquicentennial information will soon be posted on bccn, as well. This celebration has already started, per John The 2001 year end statistics are being generated by Terry and will be available soon.

Terry advised Dave of a pending difficulty with the Morning Dove account recently set up. (The ISP account) Morning Dove used Sky Net as their former ISP which disappeared from existence for a couple of days. Two different people (Terry and Ginger Deardorf) were trying to reach them for information. Ginger Deardorf @ Morning Dove first tried to reach the company and had trouble as the phone number was stated as disconnected when attempted. The web site for the ISP was also unavailable. Both Terry and Ginger tried to contact this group separately and got the same story. Sky Net says they notified all customers by email however, Morning Dove could not get on line to read email, even if they did do as they said they had done.

The Tri-Area Library contacted Terry and said they were ready to switch over the ISP account - they will take it over. The library is very enthusiastic and doing well as a result of being set up by our board.

The Boone County Senior Services organization also made a proposal for an award of grant money for some help for computer equipment they are trying to buy to establish a network. This grant proposal will be reviewed and Terry will send a summary to the board. Some of this may be funded. The whole proposal will be reviewed.

The amount of $ 1952.00 needs to be earmarked in the grant funds to allow for the WEBO order of hardware and software. This order will be entitled to an education discount. Photoshop, Illustrator and a graphics tablet are on order to help in the development of web sites which Kathy Fox’s WEBO class are assisting the board with again this semester. John asked Chad who we might contact at the Lebanon schools to allow them to do the same thing. Mike Worden, Toby Bickel, and Doyle Dunshee all work in the LHS department dealing with this classroom instruction.

John inquired of Terry about the status of on-line fundraising. John indicated that the Zionsville Greenspace Foundation would like to use the on line donation and email service which has previously been discussed.

Jayne has written a draft grant letter for discussion. John will review the same and add material where necessary. There are fund left in the budget that 3 more ISP grants could be distributed.

The meeting adjourned at 1:15 p.m.

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