14 March 2000 Meeting Minutes


March 14, 2000 12:00 P.M. The Annual Meeting was convened on 03/14/00 at 12:00. President John Wallace called the meeting to order and welcomed all to the proceedings. A guest from Western Boone High School, Educator Kathy Fox, was introduced to those in attendance. Those attending: Carl Corson, Jane Brandenburg, Terry McCain, Kathy Fox, John Wallace, Tom Garoffolo, Dave Truitt. Cheryl Walden and member Rebecca Hull. Kelly Murphy arrived late in the meeting. State of the Network Report from John Wallace, President: (See Attached Summary Distributed at the meeting)

General Summary: John lauded the Boone County Community Foundation and our relationship with that organization as our new fiduciary. Some of the new advertisers reported by John were Edward D. Jones & Co. and Reaganís Auto. We need to continue looking for more grants for our organization. We know they are out there and it would help strengthen our financial position. John gave examples of other organizations that have the same initials as BCCN which could be confused with our organization. Election of directors: John Wallace and Kelly Murphy, are Directors up for Re-Election this year as Directors. John was present at the time this item was discussed and indicated he is willing to stay on in their respective capacities. John had spoken w/ Kelly by email and Carl said he had paid his dues. It was assumed that Kelly must want to stay on as a board member. Those members present voted in favor of the proposed slate of the two individuals named by President Wallace by acclamation. There were no contested races.

State of the Web was then presented by Terry McCain (See Handout with all of the vital statistics distributed for those present.) (Incorporated into the minutes as an Exhibit) Summary: 1,284,334 requests or hits to the web site. These ìhitsî can be several different things. We surpassed the million mark this year ! Some very busy sites this year. There were 32,140 hosts served , 7+ gigabits of data transferred this year to people who visited this site. The number of pages used this year grew from 21,000 to 43,500+. The busiest month was November, and the busiest day was Wednesday. 30,000 visits to the home page were made last year. 92 megabites of space is consumed on the new server. The BCCN directory w/ WeBo, Lebanon schools, Library are the top sites. Seven email sites for organizations. 13 banner graphics as of today. 1463 people have sent BCCN virtual postcards this year. 1222 searches on this server. email is hosted for the library staff. We have provided help to students doing projects and helped people find lodging in other counties.

We have come a long way since 1995 ! Open Forum: general discussion on the home show and the possible distribution of ìhandoutsî for this event. There are monies in the advertising budget for this year which could help w/ pencils, refrigerator magnets, etc. Carl proposes the lowering of the hosting fees to encourage more ads being placed. He suggests that there may be more participation in the community as a result and thus more revenue if the fees were lowered. John would like to think of us as a very affordable and cost effective organization. Project Literacy and Red Cross are identified as possible slips. Brent Cardin is only paying for a personal page. Brent has paid the Step Ahead Council bill in the past.

The Annual Meeting is adjourned at approximately 12:30 p.m.

The Monthly Board Meeting for March, 2000 is convened immediately thereafter. A slate of officers was proposed with John as President, Terry as VP. Dave as Secretary, Carl as Treasurer. The Officers were voted in by acclamation to serve for one more year. Treasurers Report: (Actually presented in the Annual meeting)

Carl indicated there was a report that had been distributed at the beginning of the meeting. The only expense from his pocket was for stamps. Phase IV expenditures should be looked upon as restricted funds in his opinion. Terry interjects that the new server is installed and that VIA granted us a ìtrade-inî allowance. DFT indicated that the value of the server on the books for BCCN, year end was $ 8559.20 Carl explained the Phase IV Expenditures (The Lilly Phase IV Grant money expenditures)

System Administrators Report: There are summaries for January and February that have been posted via email. Terry just finished several training sessions for the library. There is a waiting session for people who want to take this class. There are five computers in the library that are being used. Each session is full and has a waiting line for the new class. There are some people who are taking the classes that have not ever touched a keyboard or a mouse ñ very labor intensive such sessions. Sometimes she needs a helper. Intro. I classes are extremely basic. Lots of questions within these sessions. The tourism site has been added to the BCCN site. IT is accessible with a search.

The tourism council and the students from Purdue are attempting to list all of the business in Boone Co. Update is a problem once you have this stuff on. Major Domo is now on the site. It is free software that needs to be evaluated for future use. Need to ponder some other hardware purchases. Check out procedures for other organizations need to be evaluated. Projectorís / Camera / Notebooks are all items that might be available for checkout. Terry also needs someone to assist with our newsletter editor. We have over 400 + people who subscribe. Kathy and Terry discussed the 19 students who are working on web sites at WeBo. We have the capability of "burning" a CD of the studentís efforts so they have something for their portfolio. Terry is using her own burner to assist in this regard. Kathy indicated that the kids are working on a checklist of things that Terry has provided. The project for the schools is working about very nicely. She wants to plan for next year ñ for Web / Desktop publishing / Microsoft Office instruction. Next year she may have someone to so maintenance on the established sites put together this year for the not-for-profits. This outside contact for the vocational class is excellent. Kathy has offered some adult education classes on her own that we might be able to assist with in the future. The kids rally enjoy the class and want to spend more time on the various projects. Each of the 18 have sites available, as they are ready the student will email the organization to take a look at the work thus far. There are two new applicants under the grant. Project Literacy is in under the library page. The other one is the Humane Application of Boone Co. Rebecca and Terry named off the several different applicants for applications under the Phase IV Grant. Some of them do not have Internet access such as the Tri-Area Library.

Terry asked everyone present to be thinking about a planned location for storage of the hardware purchases that are going to be made with part of the grant money. Someone suggested the Boone County Community Foundation Office. Carl offered that they have had some very sporadic hours lately and may not always be present during the day. Meeting Adjourned at 1:15 p.m.

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