14 September 1999 Meeting Minutes

Lebanon Public Library Meeting Room

Pursuant to Notice given all members of the Board of Directors via Electronic Mail, the Monthly Meeting convened upon the President calling the same to order.

The meeting was called to Order by President Wallace and the agenda was pursued as previously distributed via E-Mail. Board Members present were John Wallace, Dave Truitt, Kelly Murphy, Cheryl Walden, Terry McCain, Carl Corson, Monte Bowman and Jane Brandenburg. Also present was new member Rebecca Hull. Welcome Rebecca !

ITEM I: System Administrator's /Content Reports: Terry reported that information on the web server statistics for August will come later by email. She indicated that the Boone County Prosecutor's site is now up and running. Both John and Terry have been in contact with the Tri-Area Library to work with them on creating a web site. The revised BCCN brochure was also circulated for input before Terry prints out new copies this afternoon. She also showed board members a bookmark (the paper variety) with the BCCN name and web site address that can be used for promoting BCCN.

Terry asked for authority to purchase some back-up tapes for the server. The board voted authority to purchase in the neighborhood of $ 300.00 as the approximates cost of same.

Terry brought up the award from INDICO honoring BCCN. As previously advised by e-mail, the INDICO group has acknowledged the virtual postcards on BCCN as an innovative way of promoting Boone County. Terry is preparing a BCCN display for a gathering at the Hussey Mayfield Memorial Public Library in Zionsville this evening. She will have information available on BCCN to pass out to those who attend. This is a program sponsored by the library primarily for new residents to the Town of Zionsville.

A new Membership form has been drafted and was passed out to those present for review and comment as well as some notes taken during Terry and Jane's "work session" on possible web sites that could be funded by a portion of the Lilly Grant money when received. Terry reported last on the update of church listings for the web page.

ITEM II: Treasurer's Report: Carl Corson brought forth the current status of the Treasury. Checks received since the last meeting are itemized within his report. The amount of funds transferred from the Lebanon Schools as the former fiduciary agent was reported as $ 11,111.99.The new Treasury balance reported for this meeting was stated as $ 11,135.99. Carl reported a corporate membership for Witham Memorial hospital, and a graphic banner and corporate membership for In-Motion, Internet Service Provider.

ITEM III: BCCN Account w/ Boone County Community Foundation: John reported that the transition between the Lebanon School System and the Boone County Community Foundation has gone well. Ruth Lucas has been contacted by him to provide an update of the year end activities of the corporation. She will have it soon. In the meantime the funds will now earn interest which had not been the case in the past.

ITEM IV: Community Foundation of Boone County / Lilly Grant: The actual receipt of funds may not be until November, perhaps December. John asked Terry and Jane to update the group on their recent committee meetings concerning the proposed use of the funds for the grant funds. John suggested that a committee be formed to investigate the use of funds in line with the grant proposal that was submitted earlier this Spring/Summer. Terry indicated that there is interest from the teacher at WEBO to coordinate work with on this proposal. Kelley did not have a similar person at Lebanon in mind. They recently lost their head computer science teacher, Mr. Loshl. Doyle Dunshee is taking his place and may have a project idea in mind. Matt Loshl had thought previously about compiling teacher info.for dissemination to local groups such as the Chamber of Commerce. This was then to be "burnt" via C.D. This plan was never completed. Cheryl advised that the Library's Hewlitt Packard CD Burner was still upstairs and could be available.

Terry reminded the board that they need to pare down the "wish list" since the award from BCCF was for $50,000 and the request had been $ 55,000.00.

John mentioned that there is a local advertising agency that would be willing to provide some design work for minimum or no cost. Gimmicks and hand-outs may be used as an incentive for new members. One source has ceramic mugs that could be used as a promotional device. Mouse pads, contests, and other suggestions were brought to the attention of the board. Dave suggested that perhaps a coordinated effort with the Boone County Community Foundation could be explored for promotion of membership for both organizations. John will touch base with Lisa John and initiate some conversations. Cheryl mentioned that there is a home school group cooperative that meets at the library. This group has some very technological oriented people that might be a source of use for the funds.

OTHER STUFF: John introduced Rebecca Hull. She is new to our membership and found us on the web.

Next year's meeting places were then discussed. John suggested that the new community room at the BREMC will be done and may be available for daytime meetings. Cheryl is in need of transportation and would be better off staying with the Library as a meeting site.

Terry commented on the shirt she was wearing with an embroidered BCCN logo. Tom had previously initiated this idea. Celestial Designs in Zionsville is the organization that has this available. John suggested that we may want to design a new logo. Maybe a contest could be formulated to obtain one for a free mug or one of the new membership application ! A deal is available for obtaining s promotional mug through December of this year. It is suggested that entries be due by the November board meeting. A prize of some sorts could be offered such as a shirt with the new logo and a years membership.

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