16 April 1997 Meeting Minutes

6:00 p.m. at Stokes Elementary School.

Present: Monte Bowman, Jack Hughes, Terry McCain, Dave Truitt and John Wallace

Meeting was called to Order by President Hughes.

ITEM I: Businesses Sponsoring Non-Profits: ITEM II: Web Page Prices (Combined for Discussion Purposes)

One of the items that Kay Martin wanted discussed in her absence this evening. Terry spoke on her behalf. Kay was aware of an organization interested in sponsoring a non-profit site. Business Site $ 30.00 and Non-Profit $ 15.00 Example: Lions Club could host a Little League site. Jack wanted to schedule John to come to Lions to give a demonstration. The next several meetings are already committed for programs.

A for-profit sponsoring a not-for-profit is the point of the discussion this evening. The discussion centered on how abuse could be prevented on such an offer by opportunists. How can we give them a taste of the page and not prevent abuse.

John moved as follows: A for-profit entity that purchases a corporate website at the prevailing rate from BCCN has the opportunity to "sponsor" (at no cost) a site for a non-profit organization. Second from Terry. Vote was unanimous in favor.

John made a second motion: If a for profit entity sponsors a not for profit organization's website they will be entitled to one (1) HTML page to place information upon about their business. Monte seconded the motion. The vote in favor was unanimous.

ITEM III: Financial Outlook: ITEM III: ICNA - May 6 Meeting (Combined for Discussion Purposes)

Monte passed out a proposed form of Invoice and a financial statement giving a current state of revenues and expenses incurred thus far. Jack brought up the upcoming ICNA meeting and the need to respond to Mark Whitman's questions on the current financial condition of BCCN. In general all of those present were in agreement that we are not comfortable with our financial future. Monte wants to compose some pro forma scenarios on the cost of doing business for this organization. Right now it costs $ 18,000.00 to run this business. He wants to compose these based on our current charges.

ITEM V: Other - Jack asked that a letter of thanks be given to Mr. Dale Geiselman, Boone REMC and that the Corporate Secretary compose the same. Thanks for hosting the BCCN site and John the time to be on this board and share his valuable expertise to work up many of the variables for this page.

John asked for authority to spend some money for the corporate brochure. Maines wants to charge $ 57.00. The company should bill BCCN and then they can be paid through the school.

Meeting Adjourned

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