2 April 1996 Meeting Minutes

BREMC Community Room
8:30 a.m. - Noon

Meeting called to order at 8:30 a.m.

Present: Tom Garoffolo, Jack Hughes, Kay Martin, Terry McCain, John Wallace

Topics to address today (from agenda that Dave sent by email):


a. Hardware

We have one bid from Whitestown folks on a Sun system. Jack sent request to Chris Brown and hasn't yet heard from him. Tom contacted Chris during the meeting, and Chris will try to have a bid to BCCN today. Terry will contact the folks at DGS about a quote for a Sun system (Jack had been contacted by the company as the result of information made available to public on the Access Indiana site) similar to the system quoted by Vertical Integrated Applications Incorporated (the Whitestown company).

b. Connection

Jack hasn't heard anymore about the status of his grant application for the wide area network for the schools other than a request for a clarification of one of the items in the grant application. The acceptable use policy for schools has had first reading by the school board members. It is scheduled to be voted upon at next school board meeting.

Discussion followed about connections for BCCN and possible location of T1 line and server. The high school phone room was discussed as a possible location of the line and server. Jack will contact Ameritech about placing the installation order and will talk with the principal of the high school about locating the server in that room.

BCCN membership and elections

A brief discussion followed about some of the operating procedures of the BCCN as detailed in our current articles of incorporation. We discussed that term of officers might need to be 2 years (the duration of the grant). We decided that more discussion probably was needed, and Jack will contact Dave to see if the articles of corporation have been filed yet. If articles have not been filed, then we need to discuss membership and election of officers at the next meeting to determine if minor adjustments need to be made in our by-laws before filing.


a. Content

Discussion ensued about what BCCN roles would be in getting community content on-line. Three broad areas were identified: content for non-profit groups, content for government, and content for commercial organizations.

We discussed that several members of BCCN are willing to offer help with setting up (coding) pages for the non-profit organizations at no charge or "for free." (John, Terry, and Jack have been doing some of that development already.)

The next major effort and expenditure of BCCN funds (following purchase of the server and T1 access) should be to get government information on line for city (that would presumably include Advance, Jamestown, Lebanon, Thorntown, Ulen, Whitestown, and Zionsville?) and county using some of the funds identified for content development. Possible scenarios were that those organizations would form task forces to identify content and priorities (we anticipate that Tom and Dave would be members of those task forces for the city of Lebanon and county, respectively), and then BCCN would prioritize and negotiate with a third party to get that content coded (according to a style that BCCN specifies) so that it could be placed on our server. Once content was on-line then discussion followed that the government agencies might be charged a fee for storage of the content based upon amount of space required (treating those organizations as non-profit groups according to pricing listed below). This discussion then lead logically into the pricing discussion:

b. Pricing (Service & Fees*)

(Boone County libraries and school corporations would be provided up to 10 MB of space. Space requirements beyond 10 MB would be charged at rates listed in below.)

  1. Link to non-profit organization pages located on other servers:
    No cost**
  2. Link to commercial page located on another server:
    $48 per year** (prorated at $4 per month if not entire year)
  3. Hosting non-profit organization pages on BCCN server (up to 5 MB):
    $180 per year** (prorated at $15 per month if not entire year).
  4. Hosting non-profit organization pages on BCCN server (5 MB to 10 MB):
    $360 per year** (prorated at $30 per month if not entire year).
  5. Hosting commercial pages on BCCN server (up to 10 MB):
    $360 per year** (prorated at $30 per month if not entire year).
  6. Hosting commercial pages with "advanced web needs" on BCCN server (space requirements greater 10 MB or search capabilities, database capabilities, special cgi's, etc.):
    $600 per year** (prorated at $50 per month if not entire year).
*Payable once per year (at a date still to be determined) and prorated if not entire year. Fees do not include costs for coding information/content.
**Must have link back to BCCN home page and meet the BCCN Acceptable Use Guidelines.

Issues still to be determined relating to content and pricing:

Agenda items (carried forward or new) for next meeting: Next Meeting: 2 possible dates (contact Jack as to which best fits your schedule):

April 14 (Sunday) at 3-7 p.m. at Lebanon Public Library
April 15 (Monday) 1-4 p.m. at BREMC Community Room

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