20 February 1997 Meeting Minutes

6 p.m. at Stokes Elementary School.

Present: John Wallace, Kay Martin, Tom Garoffolo, Terry McCain, Jack Hughes and David Truitt Postponed from last week due to schedule conflicts of all Board Members.

Meeting called to order by President Hughes. Discussion followed on the agenda prepared by President Hughes:

ITEM I: Consideration of the Draft Application for Tax Exempt Status and Application for Taxpayer Identification Number. The Board helped to fill in on some gray areas where the pre-printed form called for general answers which may not really apply to BCCN. The applications as drafted , with additions, were reviewed for the purpose of finalization. The Board authorized Attorney Truitt to finalize the same for Jack's signature to permit filing with the Internal Revenue Service and the Indiana Department of Revenue.

ITEM II: Discussion on the Annual Meeting Agenda for next month. The first annual meeting after Incorporation is scheduled for March 15th, 1997. The location will be noticed to those whom are members in accord with the corporate by-laws. John Wallace tendered his membership dues during the meeting for the Treasurer's records.

ITEM III: Status of Connections to the Lebanon Library, the Lebanon Middle School and the High School were then discussed in detail. The Library received word of a contact person today. Some of the equipment has been installed to connect the Middle School via a 56K line to the T-1. Jack and Terry are scheduled to discuss the T-1 connection to the High School yet this week.

Kay was not sure exactly where the Lebanon library is at this time on connections. Terry discussed the possibility of joint classes between the Library / the 4-H Extension office and the Lebanon High School. This sort of blends in with the item of Public Access which is next on the agenda.

ITEM IV: Public Access - See Above reference to the Library progress.

ITEM V: Marketing - John mentioned that the REMC publication known as the "Electric Consumer" will have an article on the efforts of BCCN thus far. The magazine has a circulation of approximately 7,000 so this should be a very good source of exposure. The Metro North edition of Indianapolis newspapers, Inc. has been contacted, as well as the Lebanon Reporter, for follow-up articles on the corporations progress.

John was looking for more input on the corporate brochure. He wanted to go ahead and start printing these up and have them available for distribution.

Jumping ahead in the agenda Terry discussed the idea of "Sponsor a Site - Get a Site" in connection with John's discussion on the borchure. Terry then made a motion as follows: IF a non-profit organization should sponsor a website on the BCCN server, for another non-profit organization, then the initial "sponsoring" organization is entitled to use of their site at no cost. BCCN personnel will even provide the necessary programming skills for such a sponsoring organization. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. This language should be added to the brochure before it is printed as discussed above. The number of brochures is still a point of discussion. Jack and others recall that this issue was determined and an amount was set. The authority still exists to pursue the purchase but may be dependent upon start up costs and a minimum order rather than trying to reach a set number before placing the order. Authority in this regard was conferred upon John to "get going".

VII: Funding and Forecasting: We need to send bills to Arc / The Captain's Chest and Tony Allender - Area Plan Director for the IPA site. Jack will forward necessary information to Monte who has some Invoice software that can accomplish this purpose. Discussion on passwords evolved to the point where it was determined that an application procedure is necessary.

VIII: CGI's / Features: The final item on the agenda presented for discussion was a grant proposal from the civil City of Lebanon, IN. Tom Garoffolo, a Board Member and Lieutenant with the Lebanon City Police, acting as the city's agent, presented information on the development of a page for the Civil City and also a separate page for the Police Department. The Grant requested was in the amount of $ 600.00. The content development proposed included general information about the city of Lebanon, history, available services, a directory of businesses, civic groups and organizations, governmental officials and citizen boards and general miscellaneous enhancements for home page appearance and links to other relevant sites.

The City Police page would include general department information, statistics on crime prevention, departmental policies and procedures, a listing of officers, childrens' programs such as DARE, frequently asked questions on current and prior matters of investigation with an Online Crime reporting form.

The proposal was not to exceed 40 hours @ $ 15.00 per hour for the total cost. The work would be performed by local officer and page developer Jeff Warrick.

There being no further business for the evening the meeting was adjourned.

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