21 September 2001 Meeting Minutes


Pursuant to Notice given all members of the Board of Directors via Electronic Mail, the Monthly Meeting convened upon the President calling the same to order. The meeting had been rescheduled due to the tragic events in New York and Washington on September 11, 2001.

The meeting was called to Order by President Wallace and the agenda was pursued as previously distributed via e-mail. Board Members present were John Wallace, Jayne Brandenburg, and Dave Truitt. Rebecca Hull, our efficient Treasurer was present also.

ITEM I: System Administrator’s Report: - Terry was unable to be present today and had some last minute things to attend to per John. He further indicated she may try to stop by later in the noon meeting or perhaps share her thoughts on items via email.

ITEM II - The Content Report – (Same scenario here – Terry unable to be present so there was no formal report at this time.)

ITEM III: Treasurers Report - Rebecca submitted a written report that showed the expenditures for the month. There is $ 19,622.17 left in the Grant fund as of this date. The most recent expenditures were as follows: Lebanon Sports Boosters - $85.00; Solaris 8 Software - $ 99.00; Solaris 8 Media Kit - $86.75; Morning Dove Modem and Installation - $ 160.00; Back To The Fifties – Booth Fee: $35.00; and Zionsville Fall Festival Basket - $ 34.86.
The general fund for BCCN (Non-Grant) has a current funds balance of $12,312.42. Expenditures from this fund include: ICNA Dues - $ 100.00; Indiana Secretary of State - $10.00 (annual Registration Fee). BCCN General Fund Annual Income - $ 986.00

Rebecca also had the BCCN Grant Financial Report Spreadsheet available as part of her report. This will help Terry get the Grants report done faster in October.

Rebecca also provided Dave with a copy of the Indiana Business Entity Report as recently submitted to the Indiana Secretary of State’s Office in Indianapolis.

Also during Rebecca’s Report the Fall Festival Booth in Zionsville and the Back to the Fifties Festival Booth in Lebanon were discussed. Tom covered Zionsville on the first day of the event and then Sunday was a little more difficult doe to the inclement weather. Connie Cook from Mechanicsburg was draw as the Fall Festival Basket Winner. The Lebanon winner had yet to be drawn. (Terry has the box from last Saturday and could not attend today). There was further discussion about the Thorntown Festival of the Turning Leaves. This comes up this next weekend and Jayne volunteered to try and coordinate this event.

Rebecca suggested maybe finding another prize offering for the booth other than baskets. She is sort of burnt out on making them and it is hard to find appropriate materials for the cost set by the board. Those present felt it would be all right to purchase gift certificates instead from local organizations to help promote them as well as BCCN. Jayne will buy a certificate from Arnies in Lebanon and Pavillion for Thorntown.

OTHER STUFF/NEW BUSINESS: John showed the Lebanon Reporter and the placement of the first of the “Top Ten” reasons to become a part of BCCN. John has placed the ads with Lebanon, Zionsville and the Metro North of the Indianapolis Star. The series will run for the whole ten reasons. Comments from those present indicated that the ad that ran on Monday September 17 in the Reporter was not noticed. This was attributed to lack of a bolder border on the ad similar to others on the same page. The ad appeared on the inside of the front page directly beneath two students from Lebanon opening a play at Ball State University. None of those present (except John) had seen the ad.

Next John started his “I tried to tell you people” routine on the ads for the “Top Ten”. Those present requested it be exhibited in the meeting minutes as John’s Whine. (I prefer a good burgundy John) Those present did agree that John may have been right about the size of the ads sent to the papers.

The discussion next turned to replacement of Monte Bowman on the Board. Monte and his family are relocating and he will not be able to “commute” to the board meetings after the move is complete. John suggested to Rebecca that she would be an excellent choice for the board vacancy. Rebecca said she would think about the offer due to her current other activities.

John next asked about the Key Word search on our site. He has had discussions with some folks who felt the search was rather slow. Perhaps a software update is in order to speed the search and results obtained. John also threw out the idea that we should consider some reformatting of the Home Page.

John would like to schedule a Grants Committee meeting in October to get the report ready for the Lilly Grant. That should be easier this year with the spreadsheet already in place from last year.

PAUSE – for additional whining from John due to the possible need to change the meting date. Jane’s work schedule is changing and may prevent her attendance on the second Tuesday of every other month. She will try and work it out with her boss.

John’s last remarks were the need to start formally approving our minutes each month. We will try and do this electronically prior to each meeting after he has them posted at a secure site before posting to the Home Page.

The meeting adjourned at 12:47 p.m.

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