23 March 1999 Meeting Minutes

Lebanon Public Library Meeting Room

Annual Meeting 03/23/99 (Postponed from Snow Day)


12:00 P.M.

The Annual Meeting was convened on 03/23/99 at 12:00 previously postponed from the snow day of March 9, 1999. President John Wallace called the meeting to order and welcomed all to the proceedings noting that this would likely be our largest annual meeting thus far.

Those in attendance: Tim Maines, Derk Gates, Carl Corson, Jerry Selby, Mike Howenstein, Jane Brandenburg, Terry McCain, John Wallace, Kelly Murphy, Tom Garoffolo, Dave Truitt. Chris Whitsitt arrived about half way through the meeting of the Board as a representative of Step Ahead.

A State of the Network Report was presented by John Wallace, President.

Election of directors: Cheryl Walden, Terry McCain, and David Truitt all have their terms as Directors expiring this year. John had not spoken with any of them before today meeting. Terry and Dave were present and indicated they were willing to stay on in their respective capacities.

Those members present voted in favor of the proposed slate of the three individuals named by President Wallace.

President Wallace next acknowledged the work by Terry for the past year in his report. Training has been a high point for BCCN with quite a bit of emphasis in that area. Advertising has also been good this year. John advised that the tax problems with the Internal Revenue Service appear to have been resolved. He would like to establish our own bank accounts to prevent imposition on the schools financial manager. Would like to earn interest on the funds that we do have available.

Advertising is a key factor to continued development of funding possibilities.

State of the Website was then presented by Terry McCain

Terry has some reorganization plans in the thinking stages for the home page. The business links pages needs to be categorized since we now have enough of them. Terry gets several great suggestions from people that visit the page frequently. The Annual Meeting is adjourned at approximately 12:25 p.m.

The Monthly Board meeting is convened immediately thereafter. John informs the group that Monte would like to stay on the board but does not want to be Treasurer. A slate of officers was proposed with John as President, Terry as VP. Dave as Secretary. The position of Treasurer is left open for the time being.

John brings the board up to date on the status of the recent ruling of the Internal Revenue Service. He was elated when he found the news in the post office box.

Dave Truitt added some more insight on the idea that the tax exempt status had been granted through an independent contractor in Atlanta, GA and the penalty notice had been generated through the service office in Utah. A copy of the initial notice of granting exempt status was provided to the Utah office on the same day the original notice was received via FAX. Dave thought this was an important factor to allow the resolution of the issue as well as the fact that the Lebanon Community School Corporation had served as the umbrella for the grant administration process.


Treasurer's Report

John indicated there had been a very strong renewal of membership dues this year. T-1 costs are being paid now by the LCSC which really helps. BCCN is very close to being in the black and if all of the members from last year renew we will be in the black. Several board members pay for things out of their pockets. Terry paid for the PO Box as a donation. We must continue to pursue grants and advertising, as we will have a major expense in replacing the server at some point soon.

System Administrator Report

Not too much to add from what was already contributed by Terry earlier during the meeting. The distribution of Terry's News Bits result in some amazing things. The number of postcards sent out increased dramatically when each news bit is sent out. John mentioned the Chamber Postcard and that Western Boone is adding the Go Starslogo to their page. There are several lists now available on our server of community organizations. The Community Foundation report is now on the server as of last night. Three more governmental sites are possible. Brent Wheat's series of articles on Y2K could be posted to our site as long as he is given credit and copyright to the Lebanon Reporter is given. We have permission to do this as long as the board is in agreement. It would appear that there is agreement to follow through with this plan.

Debate proceeded over the listing of business and advertising on the page. We should have information about the business when they go to our site. The board decides to have an on-line discussion and obtain more information before action is taken on this topic.

Terry suggested the use of opinion polls through some free software that is available. This would allow some input from the public on various issues maybe some fun things to vote on. There could be some areas established to do some private testing before the real things go public. A discussion board is ready to go live (not a chat room). The moderator of the page sort of monitors the wording of items that are posted and makes sure things are going in the right direction. You can set this up to receive e-mail once something is posted. Terry has received mail as Tom and Jerry have posted messages. These discussion boards can generate considerable traffic for the site.

John acknowledged Chris to make a presentation from Step Ahead. She attended the Community Foundation meeting last Friday. There are $400,000 in funds available to be distributed. In grants of $ 50,000 this will be done. These grants are due by April 9.

There were several impressive presentations made last Friday. There were various exercises that the group as a whole and sub-groups went through. There is a concern about communication that could meet everyone needs in the county. Apparently there was thought given to using telephone communication to get word out to many. Chris encouraged BCCN to make a grant application due to the database that has been developed through this organization. Terry asked about the possibility of co-operative grant applications. This was possible per Chris's understanding. Tony Carrell was present and had been in contact with Terry right after the meeting also. BCCN had been mentioned by at least two different sub-groups as a possible.

There is the continuing problem that no matter where you post your information, someone is going to miss it. The BCCF does not wish to scare people off they want to keep these applications simple. Chris is working with other people on grants as well. Kelley asked if you could receive partial grants. BCCN could make a strong argument about touching every organization or entity that will be funded by this endeavor of BCCF. The only restriction on the funds is no health care use. There is a question on what the funds could be used for ? Can it fund operating costs or one time costs?

John felt that the server could be replaced . There could be additional equipment purchased and we could do some more aggressive advertising.

Dave suggested that the Library could also benefit by applying for more hardware as well given the heavy use of their machines. Terry suggested that many school corporations and libraries fell under the same problem area of having grant monies expire. Terry thanked Chris for bringing the board up to date on what happened last Friday. Terry suggested that perhaps the schools could be assisted by putting funding for one yearworth of Internet access.

John wants to know if education is a fundable grant proposal ?

Terry advised that Mark Whitman is apparently still associated in some fashion with the ICNA organization. Terry volunteered to keep the ICNA Web page up and going. They have 50,000 in funds that can be distributed to all of the Community Nets and then retain 5,000.

MAJIC has created a website. MAJIC is an organization that promotes the central Indiana region. Terry has communicated with them and advised them of a few problems that she feels need to be brought to their attention. Terry and John are invited to attend a grand unveiling of a site sponsored by their organization.

Meeting Adjourned at 1:40 p.m.

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