23 May 1996 Meeting Minutes

Lebanon Library Meeting Room
6 p.m.

Present: Tom Garoffolo, John Wallace, Jack Hughes, Monte Bowman, Kay Martin, Terry McCain, Dave Truitt

Jack called the meeting to order and distributed an agenda for the meeting. The first order of business was the Server Purchase. Information was distributed from DGS Technologies and Vertical Integrated Applications. Cost comparison ensued with several comments on the disparity in pricing for basically the same hardware and software. Thoughts were offered on what firewall software actually offered and whether the same was needed for our system. Monte offered that it basically keeps other people out of our system. Perhaps we should give it a go without the software and see how things go. Will the schools in Lebanon need use of the server ?

The budget was discussed as it allowed $ 13500 for the acquisition of software and hardware. The bids seem to differ in the type and amount of support that is offered by the two different vendors. The consensus seemed to propose eliminating the firewall software. The process of discussion led to elimination of DGS Technologies by way of formal motion from Monte and second by Terry. The focus then turned to discuss the quotes from Vertical Integrated Applications and In-Motion. UNIX Systems used by Purdue seem to have security problems. They also use Sun Systems - pretty much across the board as far as the day-to-day hardware use. The Sun System Hardware seems to be the breaking point in the discussion. John made a motion that VI be selected as the hardware vendor as a result of the evenings discussion which has taken an hour and a half thus far. Terry made the second. Additional discussion ensued. The question was called and the vote was taken. Voice vote resulted in 5-1 in favor of Vertical Integrated. We next decided it would be appropriate to have VI come to a meeting on June 4th @ Lebanon High School to discuss the final details of a Lease agreement.

Item IV of the evening agenda was moved up as a tool to further discussion on marketing. Ways to bring more information to the community and better inform the apparent 200 files signed into IN-Motion. Perhaps a page that will inform of Internet Access in Boone County and the various Internet service providers (ISP's). John really wants to bring those subscribers to In-Motion into the Boone County Community Net. It was decided to inquire about offering to purchase commercial space on the server at In-Motion. We want to purchase commercial space but first look at what it will cost.

John then touched on the brochure - 1,000 copies w/ black ink would be $ 204.00 - for color - $ 247.00 w/ one color. Off-Set House is located near the Interstate construction area near Indianapolis. They do the printing for the REMC. A motion from Monte moved for printing a color brochure, Second from Terry and a unanimous vote.

John lobbied for a letter from the President to help explain the marketing of the various services subject to server availability sometime in June. Prices for service and membership fees should be included in the explanation letter (brochure as an enclosure).

Brief reports were filed from various content development agents throughout the evening. Tom G. for the City / Dave T. for the County / Kay for the Town of Thorntown. Meeting Adjourned.

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