26 March 1996 Meeting Minutes

Lebanon Library
6 p.m. Present: Tom Garoffolo, Jack Hughes, Diana Lehr, Terry McCain, Dave Truitt, John Wallace (Monte Bowman out of town for the evening and Tom was called away on business before the meeting could get started.)

John Wallace passed out a draft of a proposed flyer for the Community Network - very nice - printed on high quality paper. John had additional information from Sun since the last meeting. Terry indicated there is a web site for Sun that has information on several of the models in question. Jack read a letter from DGST on hardware availability now that the word is out that BCCN had received their grant. Is there an interest in pursuit of other vendors ? Usually there is solicitation of three proposals - Jack will continue to contact Chris Brown and then call DGST (Paul Samulowitz) about a possible presentation. Sun's site has a list of local dealers or contact person's - authorized dealers, etc.

The group will meet next Tuesday during the day for an extended period of time (two to three hours) for tidying up several details. Tentative 8:30 till noon if possible - then adjourn to lunch. The purpose shall be to discuss the decision on hardware and where to locate the server once its ready to be purchased.

Jack mentioned that Derk Gates had passed an E-Mail to Jack offering to have the BCCN resident at In-Motion. The group decided to remain at the current host site w/ REMC for the time being as the address will eventually change once our own equipment is purchased and up and running.

Next we need to discuss which of the Executive Committee will help do presentations for each of the groups. The group decided to establish an agenda for next weeks meeting then allow discussion. There needs to be a pricing schedule established. Content is important and should be done at little or no cost.

  2. WHAT LEVEL DO WE WANT - What is our look - how does the group present its image ?
  3. SPONSORSHIPS - There should be money coming from In-Motion
  4. VALUE ADDED SERVICES - What & how ?
  5. DONATIONS - How do you approach this process and prioritize which group to approach first - City and County need to be approached first. County Leadership group wants to help as soon as possible.
Tom would like to get to the City Council as soon as possible - April 8th & 22nd.

Meeting Adjourned till next Tuesday. DFT to E-Mail an agenda to all members of the Executive Committee.

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