4 November 1996 Meeting Minutes

6 p.m. at Stokes Elementary
Planning meeting for the community presentation.

Corrections to the October Minutes made to delete Terry who was not present and the name of the month - from September to October.

Discussion: What sort of hardware do we need to plan on the evening of the meeting? There is an Ethernet line available in the Utilities Office that Tom and Chris Strawmeyer will be able to set up the night before. The problem of an available laptop computer that has the necessary hardware was discussed and located. Netscape software is what the City Police Department is running at this time.

Hardware does not seem to be a problem. What then are we going to show them at the demonstration? - Web sites for the City of Lebanon - Carmel - Anderson - Frankfort - NACCO - IACT and others that will show them where their information will show up on the web. When the School Board presentation was made that was a good format to follow. Content development is the most important development in the order of things. The City of Lebanon will have the City Codes on line in electronic format soon after they are proofed. There could be a template set up for each muncipality and fill in the mayor/town council president and other basic information such as the members of the City Council/Town Board, etc. Grant money should not be used to fund a basic template home page. Digitization should be where the money is spent. FAX Numbers, phone #'s and addresses could be part of a basic home page for the governmental "unit" for no charge. We also need to address maintenance of the site once they are up and running. There needs to be something factored into the annual budget for maintenance. Discussion followed on what mid-size companies do to develop and maintain web sites.

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