8 August 1996 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 6 p.m. at Stokes Elementary.

Present: Monte Bowman, Tom Garoffolo, Jack Hughes, Terry McCain, John Wallace, Dave Truitt

T-1 STATUS: Jack opened the meeting indicating he would vary slightly from the agenda as distributed by previous e-Mail.The Hardware for the T1 at the high school is looking good. The equipment is in place but the connection has yet to be made to allow us to go on-line. Ameritech has yet to get a line set up for the connection.

SERVER STATUS: John reported on the new server and the status with some details from the visit to Whitestown last week. There are 9 Gigabytes of hard drive storage available. It would be possible to mirror the two drives at this point. Also, a tape backup could be directed for a complete backup on one drive to cover those situations where there might be some open files at the time of a failure. Terry indicated that you may not yet need a full software package for backup unless the cost merits the same. Software costs are scant in the current budget. Perhaps some software could be located in the realm of $ 100.00 - $ 150.00 to accomplish this task. All of our equipment will be held at the VI location @ Whitestown pending the arrangements for our insurance coverage. We should consider a letter request be made to the school board to allow some interim coverage on the school's blanket policy.

Jack proposed that a letter be drafted to the school board to seek coverage for our new server. If Joe Gennaro can give us some firm numbers on the cost then we should offer to the board that we will cover the increased costs on the school's policy if the board would allow us to piggy-back for a period of time. We should also cover the deductible cost in the event of loss so the school will not be out any expenses or costs. Dave will take care of putting this together to submit to the board.

ICNA REPORT: John reported that Mark Whitman may be the new Executive Director of Indiana Community Network Association (ICNA) of which our Association is a member. The voting procedure for such a position may be such that one vote per member association would be cast for the Director. Dues for the organization were proposed as $ 500.00 per group which John voted against. The budget for this group would approach $180,000.00 which John also voted against. Potential membership benefits might be some legal help or the development of additional sources of funds and/or grants. Questions ensued on just what can be expected for this amount of dues, and for that matter, what is already available, if anything.

STANDARDS PAGE: John discussed the need for some standard net protocol. He encountered an e-mail from Derk Gates inquiring about a "link to Centenary". Not knowing what this referred to he contacted Derk to learn that a newly prepared web page was up for Centenary Methodist Church but did not have information on who maintained the site. John cited other examples of what types of material and usage needs to be used to allow posting on oursite. John will work something up for submission with appropriate standards. Terry volunteered to do some work in that regard for the next meeting.

VOICE MAIL/P.O. BOX: Monte will look into the cost of a number through the Thorntown Telephone Company to allow a site for voice mail. Tom indicated that the cost of a regular post office box is minimal and should be investigated.

CONTENT DEVELOPMENT: Terry and Tom are working on additional material for The City of Lebanon's Home page. Tom provided police and City of Lebanon patches for electronic scanning for the City's Home Page.

OTHER: Jack reported that the County now has four (4) Internet service providers. A new service in Whitestown recently opened called TriNet. Terry has signed up with this group and so far is satisfied with the service.

Terry asked for account activity from Ruth, through Jack, so she could give additional information in her report each month. The Web site information is accurate thus far. Purchase orders will be initiated through Jack in the Lebanon schools system then go to Dr. Hutton's approval and then in turn to Ruth Lucas. The Claims are processed in triplicate anyway in the current system used by Jack.

NEXT MEETING: September 12th, 1996 - planned for Stokes Elementary. Jack will try to obtain the newly planned conference room for the regular monthly meeting.

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