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Monday, September 8, 2003
12:00 P.M.

Pursuant to Notice given all members of the Board of Directors via Electronic Mail, the Monthly Meeting convened and was called to order by Vice - President Terry McCain presiding in the absence of President Wallace. (Taking Spanish lessons so unable to attend)

A written agenda was previously sent by email. Board Members present were Terry McCain, Jane Brandenburg- late arrival, Chad Martin’s rep Bart Barton, Dave Truitt, and Linda White.

ITEM I: System Administrator’s/ Content Report: The August lightning problem was discussed. Terry was on line at the time there was a lightning strike. The interface was hit. The Ethernet connection is now surge protected. The cost of repair was $675.00. The repair was made by the following Monday after the lightning strike. Web server Ver. 6 is running side by side w/ ver. 4 which is on the public side. The Lebanon School Corp will be the first virtual domain placed after the conversion.

Site Content: Shelly Sloan Hawkins volunteered to place the Thorntown Council information to be posted on our site. The Lebanon Police Dept. has been doing lots of updates – Brent Wheat is doing a lot of the work. It all looks really good. As people get websites they are taking them over and doing their own. The Resource manual online is being updated. Youth action Community Council – receives a lot of traffic and needs updates. Witham files are a mix of Word and Publisher – converting to Word. Terry uses Dreamweaver to clean up Windows XP. Community calendar events are numerous – Terry had 6 more this a.m. to post when she booted. The new Calendar program is working very well. A new plug in has worked well using a range of events. Now when you insert a range of events a search will find it easier. She has the capability to merge several different calendars with this software. There are some wrinkles to the program that are being worked out. In July and August Terry worked w/ Bard Schrader of Community Foundation and updated the scholarship info. The majority of kids obtain the info. From the BCCN website for the scholarships. Lilly requirements need to be finalized before it can be put up. Late January – February a possibility. The Reporter had an article about the YMCA – the new Exec. Director asked to establish a page. Two groups in Eagle Twp. – Parks Board and the Advisory Board have asked for space for their agendas & minutes. One of the committee members is a new member. The email lists are very active w/ the Major Domo program. WEBO especially continues to be busy. The Boone EDC site is being updated on a continuous basis. They are physically located on Iquest but we assist them w/ maintenance.

ITEM II: Treasurers Report - Linda reported that as of June 30 2003 the balance of the Treasury was $18,535.68

$ 25.22 to Frontier
$675.00 to VIA (Vertical Integrated Systems)

ITEM III: Jane Brandenburg had requested Terry to burn some discs to help promote the Community of Lebanon more. This was a customized version of the BCCN page that could run on a CD that had links. These were intended more as marketing tools for the City. Some grant funding was used to allow this to happen and several were stockpiled to hand out in the future.

The next Meeting is in November, 2003. Likely at the REMC.

The meeting adjourned at 12:40 p.m.

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