9 October 1997 Meeting Minutes

City Council Chambers
Lebanon Municipal Building
6:10 P.M.

Pursuant to E-Mail Notice given all members of the Board of Directors via President Wallace, the Monthly Meeting then convened. The agenda had previously been sent via E-Mail.

Meeting was called to Order by President Wallace. Those attending were Terry McCain, Tom Garoffolo, John Wallace, Dave Truitt, Carl Corson, Monte Bowman and Kay Martin.

ITEM I: System Administrators Report - Terry reported that Beth Cassleman is making some slight changes to the Community Foundation page and will soon be ready to go public. An Electronic Newsletter for BCCN will soon be available. There are new links on the home page: Seniors / Site Index / Sights of Boone County . There is now a form to fill in on the page that announces community events. You can provide the information requested on the form and announce/post your event. Training for Teachers which is scheduled for the high school and they are eager to get moving. Terry said the Middle School is also anxious to proceed. Some people had stopped her in the hall today inquiring about the status of the proceedings. There have also been some enhancements for the Boone County Senior Citizens site per Terry and John. John inquired about Pearl ( A programming language). This allows us to add some helper programs which would assist the current version of Netscape. If the 501(c) status is approved we should be able to acquire the new version of Netscape. John and Terry both inquired about the status of the application for Tax status which is still pending. As far as we know we have done all that has been asked of us per Dave who filed the application. John will check the Office to be sure there are no more notices from the Revenue Departments that may have come in without us knowing about them.

ITEM II: Treasurer's Report: Monte reported that the balance of the Treasury this month is now $12,764.41. He also had a check from the Thorn Tree for a new ad for $ 40.00. Kay is still working on Hankins Grocery for an ad as well. A little bit of income has been realized this month.

ITEM III: Content Report: The Community Foundation is very pleased with the development for their organization. John is excited about the progress that has been made with this organization. They are really looking forward to becoming a presence with our group. The Town of Zionsville will be having their municipal presence on our server. Tom Easterday, The Town Board President is quite interested in ways for the Town to disseminate information to their community.

ITEM IV: Old Business / New Business: John and Terry had a meeting w/ Larry Hathaway and Dr. Hutton. A person from the Intelenet Commission is planning on attending a meeting of Dr. Hutton and the new Technology Director, Kelly Murphy. The goal is to find some assistance for community networks costs for T-1 line service. A Universal Service Fund is apparently available that may provide some assistance per John's conversation with Greg Wilson.

There was some general discussion on the possibility of approaching The Community Foundation for a quarterly grant. The next cut-off date for an application is this coming December 31st. We just missed the last cut-off at the end of September.

The Hussey-Mayfield Library has been in contact with John and indicated that they are still interested in a presence on our page.

President Wallace noted that starting next month that all of our monthly meetings will be conducted at the Boone County REMC Meeting Room on Indianapolis Avenue in Lebanon. The meetings will still be on the second Thursday of the month at 6:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourned @ 7:10 p.m. upon motion being duly made and seconded.

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