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Monday, September 9, 2002
12:00 P.M.

Pursuant to Notice given all members of the Board of Directors via Electronic Mail, the Monthly Meeting convened and was called to order by Terry McCain. (John Wallace joined us shortly after the meeting started.)

There was no written agenda.

Board Members present were: Terry McCain, Rebecca Hull, Jane Brandenburg, Chad Martin, Tom Garoffolo, Marcy Tranbarger, Dave Truitt, and John Wallace.

ITEM I - Treasurer Report: Rebecca presented a handout with expenditures and income since the last Board Meeting. Grant $ left to spend amounts to just over $12,000. No deposits have been made since the last meeting. No money has been spent from the General Fund. Almost $14,000 remains in the general operating fund. There was discussion by Rebecca about paying ahead for the Lebanon Sports Boosters. This could be done as part of the advertising budget. She also talked with Celestial Designs about the cost estimates for more promotional supplies. Pens, Pencils and Magnets for future use were the items investigated. The following were cost estimates: 1000 pens for $490.00; 1000 pencils for $230.00; 1000 refrigerator magnets for $330.00. We can order these items in quantities of 500’s as well. Mugs were brought up by Terry as something used in the past. Rebecca had not gotten a quote on those. A lady near Whitestown, Ann Owen, has a business know as “ It’s A Stitch”. Ann could do embroidery on the proposed logo shirts for $8.00 each. There is a one time set up fee with Ann for the logo work. Polo type collared shirts would run about $210.00 for 8 of us – design and all. The cost would be $329.00 for both the polo and jean shirts. This would be using Land’s End Oxford shirts which are about $19.00 each. Jane looked through her notes and records and found the prior cost of the mugs had been $358.82 on an earlier order.

ITEM II - System Administrator/ Content Report: Terry indicated that email lists are being added left and right to the site. The Boone County Solid Waste Management District is being added. Terry has been looking at new email software that would allow local administration by the parties to keep the lists current. The Boone County Sheriff’s department page has been turned over to them for maintenance and use. The Sheriff’s Office will maintain this from here on out. The Thorntown fire and police departments and the Thorntown Businessmen’s association have also all been added. Both the Pleasant View and Otterbein Churches have been added as has the Crown of Thorns camp. Boy Scout Troop 359 now has a presence as well.

Terry has spent lots of time getting the Boone County Community Foundation site ready for the Fall Festival in Zionsville. They had a booth there and passed out information. Terry worked to get the scholarship information current. She has also been working with a group know as NARFE. (National Association of Retired Federal Employees) Eugene Trent, a gentleman she is working with, registered a domain name at one time for the organization but the email used has expired. It is a nightmare to try and change that. Terry will register a new email for them and make this easier. The old one will be allowed to expire.

ITEM III - Lilly Grant: Dave presented information from the Boone County Senior Services about a grant request previously made in January. The request was updated to reflect some changes due to change in needs at the agency. Originally they had asked for a grant to work on an internal network but since January were able to fund that in a different fashion. The organization was now applying for assistance with some training, photo software and a digital camera. Terry indicated there is $2770.50 left in that area of the grant budget for consideration of this grant request. She also suggested that BCCN should consider getting a second camera for BCCN. After some discussion there appears to be a consensus of approval. Jane moved to approve a camera, photo software and training for BCSSI with a stipulation that the agency (Senior Services) do some training for other volunteer not for profits whom might wish to perform the same type of maintenance on their sites. Rebecca seconds the motion. Vote is in favor with Dave abstaining due to his affiliation with the BCSS Board. The discussion also talked about BCSSI’s idea of having the camera available for those “kodak moments”. The digital projector that is owned by the Network has been used extensively by BCSSI, The Boone County Community Foundation, and the Boone County Economic Development Corporation. The projector is reserved in advance because the meeting dates are known in advance. The digital camera loaned by BCCN is always generally available, however, the spontaneity of “kodak moments” or “photo ops” for the newspapers do not allow easy advance reservation of the digital camera.

There next ensued a general discussion of the remaining grant budget items: New Server and Software Category – Terry is aware of a piece of software that could be purchased to change the email. We are using a freebee right now. Jane suggested that maybe we should consider purchasing something for each of the schools in the county. Some software tends to open up security leaks on websites so we should steer away from the same. Internet access Category: There are several things that could be used there: Extend the Community Foundation secure site at a cost of about $350.00 per year. They could also use a little bit faster web access. Terry indicated that both cable access and DSL are available to service that office, and she could explore with CFBC which access would be best for them. Operating Expenses could cover this monthly expenditure within Community Foundation’s office budget once the grant expired per Lisa’s discussion with Terry. This was a previously approved type of expenditure. Terry will pursue with the CFBC.

Jane brought up the local weekly newspaper that is getting started and suggested that we do an ad there. This paper is in Lebanon right now and is distributed free to local businesses. The owner hopes to spread over the entire county in time. The business card insert (ad stuffer) to the Lebanon Reporter was used. It is very popular for the cost. About $100.00 per run.

Chad suggested that maybe Rebecca should order some new baskets for the giveaways we have used in the past. Rebecca said: “speaking of baskets” – and presented our President with a basket full of baby goods in honor of the new addition to the Wallace family. John and his wife now have number two son who arrived about a week ago.

Terry wanted to be sure that all was well for the upcoming election in November. Our next meeting will be after the general November election. The primary election was the busiest week of the site of the entire year. Additional use of the election results posting to the site is anticipated during the Fall General Election.

Terry noted that Kathy Fox, our website partner from WEBO, has been nominated for a Teacher of the Year Award. Kathy is very deserving and has assisted our organization greatly with her classes by developing web pages for the many not-for-profit organizations of Boone County.

The meeting adjourned at 1:20 pm.

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