Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Pulling a Horse Trailer Session

Pulling a horse trailer sometimes can be very different than a camper or boat. For many Pony Club members and parents, this can be a very nervous and trying experience. This session will cover the entire process of pulling a trailer from pre-trip checks to a discussion of safe driving tips and what to do in case of an emergency.

  1. Introduction: Safety through maintenance and proper driving
    1. Injury to equine and humans
    2. Time delays and missed activities
    3. Peace of mind
  2. Before trip inspection (trailer)
    1. Check hitch coupling
    2. Nose wheel up
    3. Tire air pressure
    4. Light operation
    5. Brake operation
    6. Horse compartment area
    7. Tail gate and door latches
    8. Tire changing equipment
  3. Before trip inspection (towing vehicle)
    1. Tire Pressure
    2. Engine and transmission oil level,smell and color plus coolant level
    3. Alternator belt tension
    4. Hitch pin and ball
  4. After trip maintenance
    1. Make list of problems
    2. Cleaning
    3. Storage
  5. Safety equipment to carry on the road
    1. Chain lead shank for every horse
    2. Small equine first aid kit
    3. Small tool kit with hammer and pry bar
    4. Spare fuses and light bulbs and fan belts
    5. Flash light
    6. Fire Extinguisher
    7. Roadside emergency markers
    8. Assorted wood blocks
  6. Trailer Ride (you be the horse)
  7. Safe driving hints
    1. Starting and Stopping
    2. Hills (climbing and descending)
    3. Cornering
    4. Following
    5. Trailer "Fish Tailing"
    6. Trailer Break A-Way
    7. Rest stop quick checks
    8. Break downs (over heating- coolant & trans., etc.)
    9. Flat Tires--Changing Techniques

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