Loading and Transporting Problem Horses Session

Loading and hauling uncooperative horses can be a dangerous and expensive experience for the Pony Club parent. This demonstration will show techniques and equipment that can be used in loading the problem horse. When to seek professional loading assistance will also be discussed.

  1. Introduction
    1. Cautions about loading problem horses
    2. "Mind" vs. "matter"
    3. When to seek professional help
  2. Demonstration of loading a cooperative horse
  3. Horse equipment for problem loading and hauling
    1. Halter
    2. Head bumper
    3. Chain lead shank (three degrees of use)
    4. Leg wraps and tail bandages
  4. Proper loading dress
    1. Footwear
    2. Gloves
    3. Long pants
  5. Controlling the loading area situation
    1. Safe, quiet area
    2. No spectators
    3. The loading team
    4. Use of walls and fences
    5. Trailer assessment and presentation
  6. VI. Pre-loading groundwork
    1. Proper leading
    2. Getting the horses attention
    3. Examples of groundwork exercises to aid loading
  7. Demonstration of loading techniques
    1. Whips, brooms, etc.
    2. Rumping
    3. Butt ropes
  8. Discussion and questions
    1. Use of tranquilizers for loading
    2. Use of rewards
    3. Hauling problems
      1. Scramblers
      2. Kickers
      3. Fighters
      4. Manger jumpers
      5. Non-unloaders

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