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SILENT AUCTION of 120 House Contents

Anyone who wishes to bid on the contents of the library’s 120 N. Market St. house may walk through the house and make a silent bid.  The house will be open for viewing of household hardware and amenities at the following times: 

Anytime during the viewing hours a silent bid may be placed.  The bidding sheets will be available for review throughout the three days, and multiple bids may be placed.  Anyone who wishes to view the home’s contents will be asked to sign in and provide name and telephone number. All bidding will cease at 5:00 p.m. on March 22.  High bidders will be notified and must, by 8:00 p.m., Tuesday, March 25, pay for their purchases and sign a legal contract indicating when they will remove their property and that they will not hold the Friends responsible for accidents or damage as they complete the removal.  All items must be removed by 5:00 p.m., Monday, April 7.  Included in the offerings are cabinetry, light fixtures, carpet, woodwork, radiators, front porch, dishwasher, fireplace with insert and mantle, and other equipment.  All funds raised are used to support library programs and projects.


Donations of clean, used books, videotapes and other materials are being accepted at the north entrance of the library for the June 13-14 book sale.  The sale will be held in the lower level of the library from 10-6:00 on Friday and 10-4:00 on Saturday.  The Festival of the Turning Leaves book sale will be September 27 and 28.   


The annual meeting of Friends of Thorntown Public Library will be May 13 at 7:00 p.m. and will include demonstrations of student and library projects funded by the Friends.  The annual plant swap will be held for the seventh year and refreshments will be served.   


When you see the staff studying blueprints and eating in the reading room, you know they are working on the library renovation and expansion project.  When architects and engineers are on site, it has proven more efficient to eat while working.  The final shape of the library, the arrangement of rooms and furniture, and the color samples will be available by the end of April. 


On April 3 at 7:00 p.m. plan to listen to Mauri Williamson and daughter Marsha Williamson Mohr as they talk about “The Quiet Paths:  Covered Bridges of Indiana.”

This beautiful book was published in 2002 and features bridges of 31 counties.  Some of you will remember Maurice Williamson from his 40 years of working at Purdue, and others will remember him from the historic farm area of the Indiana State Fair.  Mauri researched covered bridges extensively in order to write the text for the beautiful photos Marsha included in the book.  Marsha also is author of several poems about the bridges.  Join us for their talk about the book and for refreshments.  Books will be available for sale and autographing; the price is $46.95.

Microsoft Word 2000 Beginners Computer Class, Monday, April 7, 8-10 a.m. (Classes limited to five students. Pre-registration required.) Technology assistant Linda L. White will teach a class on Basic Microsoft Word 2000. Requirement for class is basic knowledge of keyboarding and using a mouse.

Microsoft Excel 2000 Beginners Computer Class, Monday, April 21, 8-10 a.m. (Classes limited to five students. Pre-registration required.) Technology assistant Linda L. White will teach a class on Basic Microsoft Excel 2000. Requirement for class is basic knowledge of keyboarding and using a mouse.

Rising Star Cafe is an opportunity for local talent to share and perform poetry, music, and drama. Rising Star Cafe is open to 13-22 year olds. To participate, just submit a song or poem and whether you would like to perform it (and any additional performers, i.e. back-up singers) by Saturday, April 12. Each poem and song will be published in a program for the audience to take home after they enjoy a night of poetry, music, and refreshments. On Friday, April 25 from 7:30-9:30 p.m., a cafe with pop, tea, and cookies will be set-up and the public will be invited in for the performances.

COOKIES NEEDED for programs on April 3, April 25, and May 13.  Let us know if you wish to bake for the library!  Any leftovers are frozen for use during Needlework Tea or to boost staff through a late afternoon energy slump.  All cookies appreciated!!


A toga party is scheduled for Monday, March 24, 6:30-7:45 p.m.  Youth will wear the laurel wreaths and sandals made at the March 17th meeting.  Each is responsible for his own tunic and/or toga.  They will dine in the triclinium on typical Roman foods.  Lighting and entertainment, however, will be 21st century.   


The History Worms are hosting Kevin Stonerock as he dresses and acts the part of a Union Soldier during the Civil War.  The public is invited to this March 19, 3-4:15 p.m. meeting.  Students in grades 4-8 are invited to participate in the History Worms.


April 6-12 is National Library Week.  The youth department staff have planned an essay contest for students of all ages.  Contestants are being asked to write a paragraph that starts off  “ I love the library because…”.  Prizes will be given to everyone who enters. 

First, second, and third prizes will be awarded.  The winning entries will be posted on the library’s web site and will be on display at the library.  Entries must be mailed or brought to the Thorntown Public Library no later than April 1st.  Staff will judge the entries on content and neatness.  Entry forms may be picked up in the youth department.  


It’s time to hurry up (by March 28) and finish the books that let you complete rows on your Bingo reading sheets.  On March 31, Bingo cards will be handed out for Adult Reading Bingo at 6:30 p.m.  Many, many prizes have been collected, and readers will enjoy an evening of winning and celebrating the many great books they read or to which they listened.  You will receive a playing card for every bingo (five letters in a row, any direction), on your author-title Bingo sheets. 


An After-School Special is planned for May 8 for youth in grades 1-6.  Students will be dismissed at 1:00 from school on that day.  Plan to come to the library’s youth department from 2:30-4:30 for a video, crafts, and refreshments.  Look for more information in the May newsletter, but mark the date on your calendar NOW!.



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