August 2003 NEWSLETTER
Volume 8, No. 8

As of 9:30 a.m., Monday, August 4, construction for the expanded library has begun. Cinergy was installing a pole so that power used for construction will be billed separately from our daily operations. We did make the decision not to install a privacy fence with a few knotholes for viewing progress. We invite you to observe the construction from a safe distance and urge you to keep children away from the site, both during the day when workmen are present and after hours. We do want a safe project as we grow from 3,400 to 14,000 square feet. You may have noticed that space is limited in our Carnegie. Space will get even tighter as we remove a section or two of shelving in order to take out a wall and connect to the new part of the building. Bear with us…the end result will be worth the inconvenience.

Supplies are on a table in the adult department for children and young-at-heart adults to draw on a 5” white ceramic tile. This will be baked and then installed in the new youth department restroom; the tiles will be intermingled with plain white, bright red, and royal blue tiles. The cost is $3.00, which covers the cost of the Porcelaine markers. The tiles on which we are drawing were donated by Louisville Tile Distributors of Fishers, IN.

Also in the adult department are forms for purchasing a paving brick which will be installed in the patio on the east side of the finished library. For $23.00 (the cost of the brick and engraving) you may place your family name and date on a brick and see it installed as part of our local history. A sample brick (not in our colors) is on display. Three lines of up to twelve letters and spaces may be used.

Payment for both the tiles and bricks may be made to Friends of Thorntown Public Library. Orders will be taken through December 19, 2003.


See our calendar for a full listing of programs.

“Beginning Knitting” will be taught by Betty Brackemyre from 6-8:00 p.m., Tuesday, August 12, in the adult department. Betty learned to knit when she was in 4th grade and will provide needles and yarn for the first lesson. There is no charge for the class but pre-registration is required. Class members will determine when future sessions will be scheduled. Class size is limited and ages may vary.

“Pillow Talk” will be repeated on Monday, August 18, 8-9:30 p.m. The cost of the class is $3.00 and includes printable fabric and fabric for the front and back of your pillow. Call to register so that we will have enough supplies on hand. Bring ruler, fabric scissors and straight pins. Also bring a photo (in jpeg format) on a computer diskette. Either take one with your digital camera or bring a photo to the library so that it may be scanned onto diskette before the day of the class. For best reproduction, no more than two to four persons/pets should be in the photo. We shall have three sewing machines available. You will take home a small pillow, ready to stuff. When finished, you will have an entry ready for next year’s Open Show at the Boone County Fair!

“Your Feet Don’t Have to Hurt” is a great opportunity to make your favorite pair of shoes more comfortable. Third generation Pedorthist Michael McShurley will be here on, Monday, August 25, 7-8:30 p.m. He wants you to bring your favorite shoes or the pair you wear most often. Some of you will remember Michael’s program several months ago when he spoke on “The Diabetic Foot.” During this program he may be able to improve your comfort. He will also be talking on general foot health and appropriate shoes. Your newsletter editor has had great success in shoe comfort since following some of Michael’s advice. Recently she took him three pairs of shoes, including high heels, and he did improve their comfort level. He is passionate about shoes and the health of the human foot; this will be a great time to learn whether or not he can provide you some relief. If he cannot, he will be honest with you and suggest alternatives. There is no charge for the program, but pre-registration will assure that we have enough chairs.

“Pave the Way To a Reading Summer” adult reading program is open to “young readers” ages 11 to 105. Watch the bulletin board in the adult department lobby and see our readers create a building by reading. The person who reads the most in each of five age categories will have an engraved paver installed in the library patio:

Summer 2003
John Smith

This program extends through September 19, and even if you cannot hope to be the most prolific reader, you can help to “pave the way to a reading summer” with us. Sign up now and receive your free metal bookmark (provided by our architectural firm Veazey, Parrott, Durkin & Shoulders) and hammer pencil.

Ask today for your small paper bricks so that you may log each title as you finish it. Books, books on CD and cassette, and books from other than our library count. We only need your age range, not your exact age. Those in the “footing” category are under 19; ages 20-39 receive “foundation” bricks. Ages 40-54 are in the “mortar” category while ages 55-69 are “bricks” and ages 70 and up are “capstone.”

The Youth Department staff is happy to report that 101 youth and parents celebrated the end of the summer reading and activity programs at the Lions’ Shelter on July 15. Crafts, food, and reading prizes were enjoyed. Campfire Kev entertained with his Lewis and Clark program and complimented the youth on the knowledge they had gained from reading about the Lewis and Clark expedition. This year more summer youth programs were offered than previously and resulted in over 165 youth being involved in the Lewis and Clark Expedition reading and activities programs “Read and Explore”.

The Friends of Thorntown Public Library are accepting empty inkjet printer cartridges as a fundraiser. They receive $2.00 for each empty cartridge returned in good shape. If the cartridge is larger than the palm of your hand, it is not an inkjet cartridge. The printhead must not be damaged, so do not put tape over the printhead. Questions? Call the library at 436-7348

The Friends are now accepting clean, used books, videos and magazines for the Festival of the Turning Leaves book sale. Please bring donations to the north door of the library, where there are only four steps down instead of twelve steps up to the library. Watch for our festival booth on Main Street on September 27-28. During the sale we need watchers from 9-5:00 on Saturday, the 27th and from 9-3:00 on the 28th. We also need help setting up the book sale from 7-9:00 a.m. on Saturday and tearing down from 3-4:00 p.m. on Sunday. A sign-up sheet is at the adult circulation desk.

For a complete list of NEW MATERIALS, check out the library’s web site at:

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