February 2003 NEWSLETTER
Volume 8, No. 2 


As we receive new seed and garden catalogs, we place them on the new materials carts by the adult circulation desk.  They may be checked out!  Help us “think spring” and “think expansion.” 


We know that we and our customers will get tired of construction, dust, noise, and disruption for thirteen months (June 2003 through June 2004), but right now we are so very excited at the prospect of additional space for materials, services, and programs.  There is still time to give us your ideas…we expect the floor plans and exterior to be finalized by March 10. 


It is not too late to sign up for and participate in the winter reading programs in both the adult and youth departments…the youth program runs through Feb. 14 and the adult program through March 28.  Let’s see how many books we can read this winter.  Books-on-tape and books-on-cd count too! 


The Thorntown Chapter of the Scribblers’ Guild continues to meet on the first Wednesday of each month, 7-9:00 p.m.  The rules are simple:  Write something. This may be a poem, essay, short story—bring it to share—we’ll make copies for everyone to read as you read your piece to the group.  You may ask for cheers or a critique…this is a very kind group that encourages writing.  All ages may participate.


While the winter is still frightful, we want to make progress on lining the wood cases for our 53 puppets made by artisan Bob Gillan.  We have the materials, but we need helping hands.  Join us from 7-9:00 p.m. (or any part of that time) on Wednesday, January 29. 

Ceramic Workshops for Youth

Suzie Endres is back again to hold ceramic workshops from 4-5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 11 and Wednesday, February 12.  Ceramic heart pendants will be painted just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Suzie will hold classes for third graders and older on the 11th and for kindergartner’s to second graders on the 12th.  Please wear old clothes for this workshop.  Cost of the workshop is $1.50 and may be paid on the 11th or 12th.  Register by visiting the library’s youth department or by calling 765-436-7348.

Computer Classes

Basic Windows 95, 98 and ME – Feb. 10, 8-10 a.m.

Have you noticed that we have created a “computer lab” in the adult department?  In this “Basic Windows” class for users of 95, 98, and ME, Technology Assistant Linda White will teach the Desktop:  What is it?  Right and left mouse clicking, setting up different users, organizing and creating file folders, changing your desktop’s appearance, and managing your hard drive. Classes are limited to five people.  There is no charge, but call the library to pre-register, please.

Basic Email w/ Outlook Express – Feb. 24, 8-10 a.m. This class will include setting up an email account with Outlook, setting up options (stationery, fonts, business cards, signatures, maintenance, etc.) reading email, replying, forwarding, filing, and deleting email, creating new folders, managing your address book, sending email attachments, etc.  Classes are limited to five people; call to pre-register. 

Chess Club

On the 2nd Tuesday of each month you are invited to join others at the library to play chess from 7-9 p.m.  Adults and youth are invited but we ask that youth under 12 have a parent or guardian with them. If you have your own chess set you are welcome to bring it.  The library will have a couple of sets for those who don’t own one. The first chess night will be Feb. 11, 7-9:00 p.m.

See the library calendar for many other opportunities at your Thorntown Public Library!!

New Books for Winter Reading

“The Johns Hopkins Guide to Diabetes for Today and Tomorrow” – a large print book that includes sections on understanding and controlling diabetes, living with it, and complications.  A doctor who is past president of the American Diabetes Association commented, “I have read just about every book on diabetes written for persons with diabetes, their families, and the general public, and not one comes close to matching this outstanding book.” 

“Hotline Farm Equipment Guide 2003” a comprehensive source of serial numbers, specifications and pricing information on tractors, corn heads, grain heads, balers, spreaders, crawler tractors, cotton pickers & strippers, planters, skid loaders, combines, windrowers, and drills.”  This two-volume paperback is arranged alphabetically by manufacturer from AGCO to John Deere and Kasten to Zetor.  An intriguing book for those intrigued by farm equipment!  

“The Best American NonRequired Reading” is aimed at the 15- to 25-year old audience and is a compilation of stories and articles from magazines and newspapers of 2001.  The editors are asking for the best nonrequired reading from 2002 for a volume to be released late in 2003.  The story “Please Don’t Kill the Freshman” includes the writer’s thoughts on being a teenager, “We go to a double feature at a cheesy theater in the ghetto part of the suburbs.  I remember being little and thinking that the teenagers who sat in the back row were obnoxious and stupid and I never wanted to be like them,  I am, now.  We laugh and rest our feet on the back of the seats.  We throw candy and poke each other.  I wonder how long I can do this before I am the adult sitting in front of myself, rolling my eyes and just wanting to watch the movie.”

DNA Kits Available for Parents/Grandparents

The library has several DNA kits left to give away to interested parents and others who wish to have a means of providing police and sheriff’s department personnel with a positive means of identifying missing children.  The DNA saliva swap is stored in your home freezer and only used if needed.  Obviously, we hope the need never arises, but the kits have been provided by the sheriff’s department for any who wish them.

For a complete listing of New Materials (videos, books-on-tape/CD, fiction and non-fiction books, CD's, DVD's, etc. please check out the library's website at... http://www.bccn.boone.in.us/tpl



  • Have a public restroom that's bigger

  • Put in vending machines

  • Study room such as ones for tests/exams

  • Restroom upstairs

  • Have like at Barns & Nobels (sic) a place to sit down, drink coffee and have snacks

  • Need to have a room that has movie and reading time and snacks and toys for little kids, have couches and chairs to sit on

  • Have a room for meetings that are held and use for public meetings

  • A snack bar

Building Our Future on the Foundation of the Past:

Planning calls for the library to break ground in June for a 10,000 square foot addition to the 1914 Carnegie library.  The preliminary rendering of the Market Street entrance is subject to change, as are the floor plans that are being developed, but progress is being made daily.  

Library Planning Advisory Committee

Marsha Rapp, Chair   Trevaesa Lyles Brandon Taylor
Robert Moran, Vice-Chair Danialle Knutson Thelma Theobald
Nina and Gerald Caldwell Tammy Woody Betty Maze
Carol  Carson Karen Wright Margaret Mohler
Carolyn Gress Mike and Linda Reagan Mark X. Sullivan
Cindy Hume Joyce and Tim Fuesting Steven Finley
Kathy Keith Gary Lanpher Mary and Sarah Rice
Cindy Keyes Donnie and Tammy Lawson Josh Schrier
Frank Nay  K. Scott Morrow Laura Rains
Beverly Parker Doug Rapp  Natalie Robinson
Library Board & Staff

We are always open to suggestions for programs and services you would like offered by your library.

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