Volume 11, No. 6

Book Sale

A Big THANK YOU to all who participated in the May book sale. The Friends earned $275.13 for recycling to new homes dozens of good used books, videos, puzzles, and more. The money will be used to help fund library programs and reading prizes. The next book sale will be during the Festival of the Turning Leaves, September 23-24. The library is now accepting clean, used materials for that sale.


The Friends of Thorntown Public Library is accepting discarded cell phones. A box has been placed in the west lobby for collection of the phones. The Friends will receive $5 to 50 for each phone and will use the funds to help bring back to Thorntown the historic Mills Memorial Fountain. Any phones that are not acceptable to the recycling company will be taken to the Boone County women’s shelter,
where the phones will be programmed for 911 calling.


Betty Brackemyre won the basket of decorated gourds and special products that was raffled at the Friends’ annual meeting on May 9. This project raised approximately $112 for the Fountain Fund.


The campaign continues to raise funds to create, hopefully this summer, a replica of the historic fountain that graced the center of Thorntown from 1909-1944. “Helen at the Well” will cost $49,000 to reproduce at twelve feet tall. The original fountain was 32 feet tall and only the head remains; it is located in the Thorntown Heritage Museum. More that $8000 has been received to date, and 41 more gifts of $1000 each are needed before the order may be placed. Any amount will be appreciated and will be commemorated on a painting placed in the west lobby. The fountain will be placed in the center of the brick circle at the west entrance to the library.


Through the Division of Forestry of the Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources, the library is receiving $1375 in books, CD’s, and pamphlets about trees. All winter there has been a display of the wonderful materials provided. The balance of the pamphlets (20 titles) are in the program rooms and are free to anyone who would like the information. As part of this grant, the library hosted in November a pruning demonstration and a spring “Trees for Indiana” program. In addition, a Boone County trees photography contest was held and concluded on March 1. The photos are now being mounted and will be attached to the shelving end panels in the adult reading area. Thanks to photographers Debra Wagner, Beth Wright, Karen Niemeyer, Barbara Waggoner, Fern Miner and Carol Carson for participating. The final six panels for the library’s adult shelving were purchased used from the West Lafayette Public Library and make it possible to now mount the signs.


There are 1511 audiobooks available to be downloaded from NetLibrary to your home computer or MP3 player. Approximately 30 books per month are added to the collection. Instructions are on the library’s web site or in printed form at the library. The subscription allows library card holders to download up to ten audiobooks for three-week loan periods that are renewable. This may be accomplished at the library or from a home computer, making the library’s collection available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An account will work from a truck stop, vacation site—wherever a computer and Internet access are available. A library card is needed to use this service. Free cards are being provided to Western Boone students who provide a grade report as proof of school enrollment. The radio format requires only a minute or two to download and is acceptable quality for playing through a computer. The CD-quality format is recommended for downloading to an MP3 player and requires approximately five to thirteen minutes to download. Pick strawberries or exercise while listening to a book. Mop floors and wash dishes while listening to a book. By listening only a few minutes a day, a book can be read easily in two weeks.


The library will be open on Monday, July 3, but closed on July 4. The Taste of Home Sampler will be held at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, July 3. Participants are invited to bring their table service and a recipe from the current issue of Taste of Home, Simple and Delicious, or Light and Tasty. The library staff will provide beverages and copies of the recipes. To date recipes selected for the July 3 meal are Pineapple Orange Cake, Traditional Meat Loaf and Mustard Coleslaw. Cooks should call the library 436-7348 in advance and provide name of the recipe so that duplication may be avoided and the recipes copied. What a great way to enjoy twelve or more new recipes in one meal!


Summer reading has begun and the youth department staff have an ambitious program planned for summer 2006. One glance at the library’s calendar reveals very busy Tuesdays and Wednesdays in June and July. In addition, Jungle John will make an appearance on July 11 with his menagerie of unusual critters. It is not too late to sign up for the summer programs.


A BIG thank-you to the Youth As Resources grant and the library youth who have finished planting bulbs, shrubs, and perennials around the library and at the Tom Johnson park. A REALLY big thank-you goes to Cheryl and Dan Toney and Rita and Bob Trafford who assisted the youth.


Heritage Quest Online” may now be accessed from home. The library has added remote access for library card holders. Researchers may go to the library’s web site (www.bccn.boone.in.us/tpl), select GENEALOGY, click on the link ACCESS FROM HOME, enter the Thorntown Public Library card barcode number without spaces and select CONNECT. “Heritage Quest Online” allows access to census records, Revolutionary War records, thousands of books plus more. Within the library researchers may access HQO and also “Ancestry Library Edition”.


Everyone who has ever wondered about what makes a good Christian Fiction story is invited to attend a book discussion on Monday, June 26, from 1:30-2:30 p.m. Mysteries, suspense, legal drama, love stories, historical fiction, fantasy, humor and other genres may be found in Christian fiction.


Christina Drake will be available at 6-9 p.m. on the following dates this summer for work on scrapbooks and to order supplies: June 15, July 20, and August 17. Christina presents helpful ideas and suggestions to make outstanding scrapbooks.


iBistro is the library’s online catalog and contains every item shelved in the library. Any Internet user may access iBistro from the comfort of home. A user must connect to the library’s website at www.bccn.boone.iu.us/tpl and click on ONLINE CATALOG. From there it is possible to enter search terms for titles, authors, subjects and keywords in order to see whether or not Thorntown Library has the desired items. If Thorntown does not have the item, it is possible to search more than 30 other Indiana libraries, including the Supreme Court library. To do so, the library name must be changed from “Thorntown” to “ALL” If the item is available in another library, it may usually be obtained through Interlibrary Loan. An ILL request may be placed by a telephone call to or by talking with reference staff at the upstairs desk.


On July 19, Jill Weippert will demonstrate the technique for making collage pictures, a great way to preserve family photos, or travel memorabilia. This program begins at 7. Jill is Fern Miner’s daughter, and will be visiting Indiana at that time.


When reliable, verifiable, quantifiable, accurate information is needed, all Indiana residents may go where the experts go. INSPIRE offers magazines, encyclopedias, and other resources to all Indiana residents. It is possible to research current events, science, business, health, notable people, hobbies, and much more from the local library, school, home or office. Inspire may be accessed by going to www.bccn.boone.in.us/tpl and clicking on Inspire. Inspire database funding is provided by the Indiana General Assembly.


Natalie Christl from the Susan G. Komen Foundation will present a program of interest to all women and girls on Monday, June 26. Statistics show that breast cancer can occur at any age. A display of materials will be available at 5:00, and Natalie’s presentation will begin at 7. A film will be shown on self-breast exams, and the presentation will include time for questions. People with personal experiences will share their stories. Pre-registration will ensure that enough materials are available as handouts.


When the library board renovated the library, two large meeting rooms were added. These rooms are available to the public for use for receptions, birthday parties, group meetings, reunions, etc. In 2005 there were 558 different reservations for rooms within the library. There is no charge for the use of the rooms as long as they are left in the same condition in which they were found. To reserve a room via the Internet, area residents may go to www.bccn.boone.in.us/tpl and click on “ Room Reservations”. A reservation may also be made by calling the library, where a staff member will complete the room reservation form. The room and exterior south door key may be borrowed and returned through the “Book Return” slot at the north side of the library. Meeting room regulations are posted in each room.


Area women are invited to join the fastest-growing “disorganization” in the world by joining the T-Town Ever-Read-Y Hatters. The group’s theory is fun after fifty! The Thorntown group travels and tastes, has tangos and teas, might teeter and two-step a bit tastefully. The group announces: “Don’t tarnish in your “box”---come thrive with us the 2nd Monday evening of each month. Our chapter meets on the lower level of the library in one of the meeting rooms from 6 to 7 p.m. Join us for a titillating fun evening. Just bring a smile! For more info contact: Fern, Becki or Cathie, Thorntown Public Library, at 436-7348.


“Book Sampler” is an opportunity for readers to tell other readers about the good books they have been reading. The session begins at 6:30 p.m., and anyone can participate. Readers should telephone the library and list their titles so that a note-taking sheet may be prepared. Now is the time to mark a calendar for Book Sampler on July 6.

For a complete list of new materials including books-on-tape, music CD’s, etc. go to the library’s web site at: http://www.bccn.boone.in.us/tpl

Updated June 5, 2006