August 2007 NEWSLETTER
Volume 13, No. 8


 Fern Miner and Shirley Hodgen, head librarian and children’s librarian, are now working 32 hours instead of 40 hours per week.  In that 16-hours Christine Sterle of Sheridan is working on collection development and purchasing.  You will see her on Mondays and Tuesdays when she fills in at the circulation desk.  She will finish her Master of Library Science degree in December.  If she continues getting straight A’s, her reward will be to acquire a retired racing greyhound.  For now, she is owned by cats.

Chris Hawkins has retired to spend more time with family.  In training for the youth assistant position, as of July 13, is Molly Donovan, a library user who will be assisting Shirley Hodgen with children’s programming, working at the lower level circulation desk, cataloging and preparing materials for the shelves.  Molly will be working 40 hours per week.

Several weeks ago Mary Schmucker accepted a position as assistant town clerk at Advance.  Working those 20  hours per week as youth dept. clerk is Bonnie Deakins, who also works 20 hours per week in the adult department.  Bonnie works at all three circulation desks, troubleshoots computers as a backup technician to systems librarian Linda White, places orders for materials, assists with cleaning and processes materials.


Mary Christine Hawkins was the winner of May de-junking contest.  She discarded 1515 pounds worth of “stuff”.  The $20.00 cash prize from the Friends of Thorntown Public Library was awarded at a special presentation on July 13 and deemed more appropriate as a prize than a knick knack or trophy.  Runners up were Fern Miner and Karen Niemeyer.


Thanks to the efforts of Robert L. and John Gillan, there is a new and very tall (10 feet tall) clock in the library.  Known as Gilbert Clock #6, it was made after 1871 and before 1906 by the Gilbert Clock Company.  Bob received the clock from Leroy Joseph “Stubby” Mayer, druggist and jeweler in Thorntown.  The clock was formerly in the pharmacy.  John restored some damage to the wood and polished the thirteen-pound brass pendulum.  The nine steel and brass rods that suspend the pendulum are used because their varying rates of contraction even out the loss and gain in time.  The library staff and board appreciate Bob’s contributing this piece of local history so that all residents may both admire it and be timely in their use of the library.

The 1914 immature bald eagle and his case reside on the back side of the 1914 column in the Guinn Genealogy Center of the library.   It is interesting to look at the rippled old glass in the 1914 Carnegie windows and in the old clock case. 


Children’s Librarian Shirley Hodgen recommends that families turn off the TV and open a good book instead.  She states, “Some books can have a profound affect on us, but first we have to turn off the TV so we can renew our minds.   If you feel you cannot turn off the TV for the whole month of August, then commit to a day, a week or more, but pick up a good book!  Your library has many from which to choose.”

August Book Discussion

The book chosen for this month is a “first book” by author Jaqueline Mitchard, The Deep End of the Ocean.  You may recognize this as a selection from Oprah Winfrey in her book club of a couple years back.  Ask a library staff member to help you get a copy of the book, borrowed from other libraries.
A devastating event in the family occurs when a mother takers her two sons along on a class reunion week-end.  Entrusting her older son to ‘keep an eye on’ the 3-year old, the family is devastated when her ‘baby’ disappears.  There are no clues.  The story covers how each family member changes over the next years, as they attempt to adjust to their resentments, their anger over the injustice, and their grief.
As you read this book, you may recognize the story, as it was made into a movie.  Join the Book Discussion Group at 1:30 pm on the 4th Monday in August (August 22nd), as we share experiences as they may relate to the chosen book.  The book for September 24th is The Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, about a boy with Asperger’s Disease.  The library staff borrows books from other libraries to meet our Discussion needs.

For a more complete list of new materials including books-on-tape, music CD’s, etc. go to the library’s web site at:

Updated November 26, 2007