Nepalese Fair at Irvington Community School - 1 June 2007

Irvington Students Learn, Teach, and Raise Money for Orphanage in Nepal

On June 1, the 9th grade students from Irvington Community High School will put on a Nepalese Fair in the Irvington Community School gymnasium, 6705 E. Julian Ave., from 9 am to 2:15 pm.

Irvington Community High School students have been engaged in a service learning project during the fourth academic quarter. Each year, the school will engage in a local service learning project in the fall and an international project each spring. This year's endeavor is Project: Nepal, to benefit the Youth Enhancement and Training Initiative (YETI) Orphanage in Chitwan, Nepal.

These high school students will teach ICS Kindergarten through 5th graders about Nepalese art, dance, geography, animals, oral traditions, and games. Visually, students will be treated to the sights of Nepal through a display of Nepalese art and prayer flags.

At 1:30, the fair will have a special visitor, Bharat Devkota, a Nepalese man who has been instrumental in the building of the orphanage will speak to the students and answer questions about Nepal. Bharat has spent several years working with the orphanage and in helping to make life better for the people of rural Nepal.

Additionally, students in grades K-5 and 9 have also been participating in a "Change a Life" fund-raising effort to raise money for the orphanage. They have been collecting spare pennies for the project. The goal is to raise enough money, $700, to care for one orphan for an entire year.

YETI is a not-for-profit organization which built an orphanage in Nepal as one of its first projects. YETI also uses a portion of donated funds to help underprivileged youth in Central Indiana. A minimum of 10-15% of funds raised are used to help underprivileged youth in Indiana. For more information about YETI, please go to:

The Irvington Community School is a charter school sponsored by Ball State University . We are an elementary school (K-8) and high school (currently serving 9th grade; 9th & 10th in 2007-2008) that seeks academic excellence through a challenging and rich curriculum. For more information about the Irvington Community School, please go to:

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