10 July 2001 Meeting Minutes


Pursuant to Notice given all members of the Board of Directors via Electronic Mail, the Monthly Meeting convened upon the President calling the same to order.

The meeting was called to Order by President Wallace and the agenda was pursued as previously distributed via E-Mail. Board Members present were John Wallace, Tom Garaffolo, Monte Bowman,Chad Martin, Rebecca Hull, Terry McCain, and Dave Truitt. Randy Parsons was also present form the Lebanon Utiltities – their new technology coordinator, as a guest of Tom Garoffolo.

ITEM I: System Administrator’s Report: - Terry said she had new web server software. She was installing Sunday during the storm. New email software was installed too. Chad sent her a message yesterday. Our Server may move to the new T-1 on Thursday afternoon of this week. There are a lot of things going on to be completed this summer. John asked about the status of T-1 funding for high schools. Per Terry it appears that this is a fairly stable funding situation. Terry believes that agencies would be hard pressed to not fund this valuable service. A modern school has to have an Internet connection to properly conduct their curriculum. Monte asked about the bandwidth at the local schools and whether this poses a problem. In the Springtime it was a small issue. At some time about everybody is on the net. A live audio policy may need to be adopted to prevent slowdown of the schools network. Terry had no statistics of “hits” and other information yet due to the updates on the software and installation.

ITEM II - The Content Report – Terry indicated that pdf versions of scholarship applications have already been posted on the Boone County Community Foundation website. 58 applications were requested and 20 were filled out on line. From the respective schools in Boone County there was the following breakdown. 8 of 21; 2 of 2; 5 of 20; 5 of 15. This came from BCCF data. The health dept newsletter was sent out and several forms are not on line. The American Indian Council has been working with Terry to get information out on the Pow Wow coming up this Fall. WEBO student sights were finished up before summer vacation started for the kids. 21 CD’s were made from Fall and Spring sites. Annette Bowden works as a volunteer within First Baptist Church. Brian Donohue works with the extension service - converting their site from frames version. Once the fair is over there will be more going on for attention at the Extension Office. The Munce Center and Morning Dove accounts are up and working. BCSSI and Project Literacy have had their terms expire for a free year of Internet. These one year grants are now are “maxed out.” Lastly, work with the Community Foundation for on-line donations – over the next couple of months is progressing nicely. Their board was in favor of same and Terry is getting things moving. The carry over from this to our organization is that our Not For Profit may be able to do this same thing and receive donations on-line. We are set up (i.e. entry form) for the Fall Festival @ Zionsville and a couple of other fall outings. Back to the Fifties and Thorntown Festival of the Falling Leaves have also been submitted. The ICNA Annual meeting is on Thursday in Indianapolis if anyone is interested per Terry. Jane Holman from Wayne Net will be the new President. John talked about the new groundwater report and how it was linked to the Solid Waste District. A lot of Community Calendar events have been coming in for posting. The new Pavillion theatre could be interested in posting movie listings on our page since they do not advertise the listing frequently. The Metro North uses the BCCN page to verify happenings in Boone Co.

ITEM III: Treasurers Report - Rebecca submitted a written report that showed that there is $ 20,112.78 left to spend on grants $2116.66 was spent on the Dell Computer for the Tri-Area Library. The renewed maintenance agreement was $ 2413.92. $2413.92 was spent on promotional items with Celestial designs. The General Fund has $12,372.42. Thus far there are $110 this year in expenses. We have $ 1046 in income per year roughly given our membership status. The memberships need to be beefed up. Back to Fifties is Sept 15th – Rebecca will need the pop-up tent for the square downtown from Dave for this.

ITEM IV: CFBC/Lilly Grant – $20,000 is left in funds. John discussed the idea of newspaper advertising again. He would like to do something in the Indianapolis Metro North and the Times Sentinel and Reporter. The cost is pretty spicy - roughly $2000.00. The campaign is the “top ten reasons” theme. $140 for each run in Metro North for the larger size. A smaller size would go for $105.00. Terry suggested that we concentrate on trinkets. (Promotional Items) We get more publicity from those she feels. John wants to call for a vote on this issue. He thinks that for the $2,000.00 we could run in all three papers, The Metro North, Lebanon Reporter and the Times Sentinel. Tom moves that the advertising package be made. Second from Monte -–3 in favor, 1 against (Those who vote.)

ITEM V: Newspaper Advertising – John asked if the Zionsville cable access channel could be utilized. This is a paid advertising site and he sees no reason whjy we couldn’t get our URL out further through them.

OTHER STUFF/NEW BUSINESS: Terry asked Chad (who arrived late) for the latest on the T-1 and the move at the high school. The Administration building will now house the server and the BCCN files in an A/C Room. Terry should be able to have 24 hour access to the bldg.

The meeting adjourned at 1:05 p.m.

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