11 March 2002 Meeting Minutes


The Annual Meeting was convened on 03/11/02 at 12:00. President John Wallace called the meeting to order and welcomed all to the proceedings. A guest from Western Boone High School, Educator Kathy Fox, was present in attendance once again this year. John said at approximately 12:05: "Lets Roll! Don’t make me use my gavel!" Per recent amendment to the By-Laws Jane distributed chips and homemade salsa. Indeed tasty !

Those attending: Jane Brandenburg, Terry McCain, Kathy Fox, John Wallace, Tom Garoffolo, Dave Truitt, Rebecca Hull, Chad Martin, Marci Tranbarger our newest member.

1. Election of directors: David Truitt, Jane Brandenburg, Terry McCain and Carl Corson, are Directors up for Re-Election this year. John had spoken with all of those mentioned and indicated that they were willing to serve. All were present except Carl at the meeting. All those present indicated a willingness to stay on in his/her capacity. Tom moved for approval of re-election of those nominated and Rebecca seconded the motion. Those members present voted in favor of the proposed slate of the those individuals named by President Wallace by acclamation. There were no contested races.

2. State of the Network Report from John Wallace, President: (As presented by our President John Wallace) Throughout this past year our organization has been working well with education units in the county. BCCN is on the cusp of e-commerce in conjunction with the Boone County Community Foundation (BCCF). John and Terry will make the first contributions on-line if BCCF will permit the same. The target date is for March 18th, 2002 after Terry's training session with the BCCF staff. This is a little over a week from today and is something that both have been working on extensively with the Foundation for some time now. Our corporate banners on the BCCN website have helped us a lot. They have provided a way to derive revenue for the organization and do not give us the appearance of a big conglomerate operation. John gave a hearty “Thanks to everybody for their hard work” this past year - we are becoming a very large part of our community and thanks to everybody is very much in order. In conclusion John said we need to build further upon our membership and get more people participating as well as add to our corporate memberships. “It is truly amazing what we have accomplished with all volunteers”.

3. System Administrator’s Report/ Lilly Grant Report: Terry made reference to the year end Lilly Grant application which is incorporated by reference to these minutes. The vast majority of her presentation came from this document which was just submitted in December of 2001. Almost 12,000 files are now on the BCCN website, a lot of which are from the local schools, and the libraries here in Boone County. We have email lists that have 4,000 subscribers for various organizations. The digital projector and camera are checked out on a regular basis. BCCF now has the items and they are using same for promotion for the Lilly Grant - Phase IV. Lisa @ BCCF said it was really easy to use and set up. March 18th was established as a possible start date for on-line donations. BCCF received 56 applications for the BCFF scholarship applications. Only 5 or 6 of these applications were not done on-line. The year before BCCF had 56 applications and 20 students had used the website download feature. Last year we had 2,000,000 visits to the BCCN site and 49,000 of were directly to the bccn page. We are disseminating lots of valuable information through all of these hits. The schools and other information pages were the big hitters. The Community calendar is also starting to grow - Terry had 10 submissions in just one day last week. The student grant sites are beyond the total of 50 that the Board of Directors had wanted to achieve. We need more for Kathy Fox’s class to pursue design and implementation at Western Boone.

4. Treasurers Report: (Presented in TECHNICOLOR ! and incorporated by reference herein. Rebecca signed us up for the booth with the Chamber of Commerce. We get the booth this year at a members rate instead of the higher rate paid last year. For some reason we had neglected to join last year. The monthly expenses were itemized in her monthly report. We are getting about $1,100.00 per year in income.

5. Kathy Fox from Western Boone: (as part of the Open Forum): Kathy and her class are looking for about 12 more sites to develop. The fire department site is now in flames. Tom suggested the Boone Co. FOP, the Thorntown Merchants Assoc. is also a possibility as potential sites in need of assistance. Kathy is talking to the Boone Co. Sheriff about their situation. Terry said the frame is there for the Sheriff but no guts. The Boone County Bar Association needs to be updated. Judge David's site and the Pleasantview Church were also mentioned. Terry interjected that this would be a good time to send out updates for the email newsletter which might be a source for additional sites as well. Troop 358 is being worked up right now for the Scouts. Kathy really appreciates all of the suggestions which help her class. All she has to do is explain to her students that they are not going to get paid for all their work – much to their chagrin. The kids enjoy working with Terry so much they want her to have an office at Western Boone.

The Annual Meeting is adjourned at approximately 12:35 p.m.


The Monthly Board Meeting for March, 2002 is convened immediately thereafter.

1. Election of Officers: A slate of officers was proposed with John as President, Terry as VP. Rebecca as Treasurer, Dave as Secretary. The Officers were voted in by acclamation to serve for one more year. Jane moved for approval of retaining the same slate, Chad seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous – Chattanooga style. As such the slate of officers remains the same for next year.

2. Home Show: Rebecca signed us up for the Home Show again this year. John will check in with them and request the same location. We were right by the front door last year. We need more sticky notes as promotional items for the show. They were quite popular last year. Rebecca will check with Celestial Design on cost and availability. The business card advertisement recently used in “The Lebanon Reporter” was mentioned by Chad as a possible alternative for some more promotion. There was discussion on a promotional basket again this year. Tom suggested a Basket for Thursday and Friday and Tickets and Dinner @ Arni's for Sat ? (The person who won the Back to the 50’s Basket never claimed the same last Fall) A total of $ 150.00 was authorized after Motion from Jane and second by Chad.

3. Life after the Lilly Grant Discussion: With careful financial oversight we should be able to continue our websites to not for profits organizations. We may not want to do the subsidy annual website / ISP’s since that is an outlay of cash. The volunteer nature of our organization has helped to keep things going and at a cost minimum. The server maintenance company from Whitestown (VIA) has recommend to us that we not continue with an annual maintenance contract since we do most of those things ourselves. (Translated: Terry does it) Sun has been going with a free update on the OS if you purchase certain software. We use a commercial version of the web server software that costs about $300.00 per annum. Terry inquired of the cost for a 2 year deal and it was approximately $734.00. IF we should not receive any more money for purchase of such things then Terry likes the commercial package from Sun. The needed software would then be free. The Lilly Grant was how we replaced the server and software a couple of years back. Hopefully there will be another Phase of the grant to help replace the server once again in about five years. Is five years realistic with the anticipated growth ? Terry proposes spending money for more storage tapes and the OS corporate software for growth. Our server is a sort of Aplug and play@ type unit that could be replaced very easily. John said this was a good staring point for discussion and that there was a lot more to be discussed in the future.

4. New Web Pages: John looked at all of them and said there was a lot going on. The Clerk's office will be doing real time, live updates of the election results as they are posted and uploaded by the Clerk during the Spring Primary.

Meeting Adjourned at 1:15 p.m.

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