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Monday, July 8th, 2002
12:05 P.M.

Pursuant to Notice given all members of the Board of Directors via Electronic Mail, the Monthly Meeting convened upon the President calling the same to order.

The meeting was called to order by President Wallace and the agenda was pursued as previously distributed via e-mail.

Board Members present: John Wallace, Tom Garaffolo, Jane Brandenburg, Rebecca Hull, Terry McCain, and Dave Truitt. Chad Martin arrived later in the meeting due to work related delay.

ITEM I - System Administrator's Report: Terry brought us up to date on Ameritech's problems with the internet connections to the LCSC Admin building. There were several lines that were being swapped out recently which caused service interruptions and mistakes were made in reconnecting the lines. Terry had to implore them to come get service restored before the July 4th holiday. The board discussed several "plan B" scenarios for relocation of the server if that was ever needed. There are other schools and libraries that have connections available that we might be able to share. We only use a very small portion of the line now in place. (Chad arrived at this point in the discussion.) Terry asked Chad whether the school was changing ISPs, and Chad assured her that they were not, but had been experiencing client DNS problems. LCSC uses two DNS servers for their client systems, and one of them is not responding when pinged per the school's consultant. This can be resolved by a call to the Department of Education per Terry. Terry expressed some concern over the understanding of DNS by the school's consultant. Mail forwarding is a concern of the school administration. Chad reported that the schools are replacing all of their servers.

There are now 14 majordomo lists on BCCN. The mailing lists are quite popular throughout the county. There are several Zionsville organizations that are using this function quite successfully. Terry has done several updates on features over the past couple of months.

The Department of Education works with the Indiana Web Academy. Significantly,WEBO entered two sites they prepared and won first and third place in the competition. The first prize was for a compilation of one room school houses. There was an interview (audio) with one of the people who attended one of the schools on the site. The third place award was based on war time correspondence. These are the same students who do the web site development for our not for profit grants.

ITEM II - Treasurers Report: We're in good shape! Rebecca displayed the new Chamber of Commerce Membership sign. Very nice! She next submitted a written report that showed that there is $13,883.36 in the General Fund. John questioned the Intraware maintenance renewal expense, and Terry explained that we renewed our web server license for two years as opposed to the one year that we had done in the past. Rebecca also conducted a mail call for those items arriving in our P.O. Box since the last meeting. Examples: Thanks from the Chamber for becoming a member; lots of things from the Community Foundation and the Lilly Annual Report. There is discussion on using some of the Grant Funds for reimbursing BCCN for the web site compilations. Promotion items can be spent as part of the transfer of funds from grant money. The software for doing the secure transactions for the Community Foundation would be an additional proper expenditure for the grant money. Maybe this can be done a couple of years in advance. We could do an extension of that contract. The board continued to brainstorm about possible uses of the funds. Rebecca has some contacts in Whitestown that can give some estimates of cost for promotional items. Internet access for non-profits is a category in the budget that may allow us to help the Community Foundation.

ITEM III - CFBC/Lilly Grant: $12,066.69 is left in grant funds. The Grant subcommittee will be working to get the grant finished up by the deadline.

OTHER STUFF: Dave inquired of Terry of the status of the Boone County Senior Service grant application. Terry was not certain but would look into her notes and get back to Dave. Dave will look through his info also.

The meeting adjourned at 1:05 p.m.

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