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Boone County Community Network User Policy

In addition to the BCCN Acceptable Use Policy, the following user policy covers the user accounts that have been issued on the BCCN computer system. User accounts are issued to organizations and businesses who wish to have web sites hosted on the BCCN web server. Violations of these policies may result in the immediate termination by the system administrator of a user account and privileges. The outcome of any appeal and the final decisions on violations of this policy will be determined by the BCCN Board of Directors.

The Boone County Community Network is an organization of volunteers dedicated to the ideal that a community network benefits the community. Please keep in mind that our computer systems and networks are our link to the community, and we will do our best to keep them up and functioning to the best of our volunteer abilities.

  1. Users are responsible for all use of their accounts.
  2. Sharing passwords is not permitted.
  3. Only FTP access to accounts on the BCCN system is permitted.
  4. Any user who finds a possible security hole on any BCCN system is obliged to report it to the BCCN system administrator, . If you're not sure, report it, and don't try to use it.
  5. Custom CGI scripts are not allowed. BCCN will try to maintain a set of scripts that will fit the needs of most organizations on the system, if you have suggestions or requests, please contact the BCCN system administrator, .

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