16 January 1996 Meeting Minutes

Lebanon High School Conference Room
6 p.m.

Present: Jack Hughes, Lebanon Schools; Monte Bowman, CODA Project; Kay Martin and Diana Lehr, Lebanon Public Library; Terry McCain, Purdue University; John Wallace, Boone County REMC, and Dave Truitt, Donaldson, Andreoli & Truitt.

Heavy fog posed a problem for the beginning of the meeting. Once all were in attendance the matter of completing the budget worksheet began. Monte formulated a workable plan with budget numbers showing projected income and expense allocations. The continuing discussion centered on the definition of what constituted "valued added services" and how would the organization provide them, and , what to provide. Once again there was quite a bit of discussion on just what the organization would be capable of providing since all are volunteers and have full time employment on their own. The possibilities, none the less, are very exciting for our children, as students, business and the community as a whole.

Consideration was given to hosting, authoring a page, and design, advertising, links to other pages and how to go about doing this on our own or contracting and/or brokering this type of service for those interested in subscribing. Emphasis was placed on advertising and how that will be accomplished on a page or, in the alternative, calling the same thing sponsorship. How do we go about distinguishing these items ?

The direction of the conversation then changed over to the possibility of Boone County REMC serving as a lender of space on their home page to allow start up. John Wallace indicated that the CEO of the REMC had indicated a willingness to permit this start up as a community service, so long as the inception did not interfere with the original intent and function of the home page. Those present indicated gratitude for the willingness of the REMC to help our fledgling organization "get going" with John's help. John designed and established the REMC's page last summer and seemed to think there would be plenty of disc space to allow a temporary occupancy by BCCN. A possible URL would be http://www.a1.com/bremc/bccn.

General agreement was reached on the content of Monte's sample budget for final work-up. Additional discussion occurred on value added services. It is really difficult to pin down what other groups are proposing for this concept. It generally appears what the various groups want to define as extras a group is capable of providing on their own or at reasonable cost by contracting or brokering.

Jack needed to move things along and be available for the school board to discuss the administration building and update the board on the ACCESS INDIANA group progress. The next meeting date was set for Tuesday, January 23rd @ 6:30 @ Terry McCain's. Jack would like to have some things in order to present some sort of presentation to the School Board at their next business Board Meeting of February 20th, 1996. Meeting adjourned @ 7:45 with several members stepping across the hall to the board meeting to learn more about the proposed new administration building. There is a possibility that we may have to ask for space to locate a server in this facility.

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