22 April 1996 Meeting Minutes

6 p.m.

Present: Monte Bowman, Tom Garoffolo, Jack Hughes, Diana Lehr, Kay Martin, Terry McCain, Dave Truitt, John Wallace

The Ameritech contract was passed out for all to review. Terry inquired why we must go with the addresses provided by Ameritech? Jack's reply: InterNIC requirement - (They have a web site that would allow us to confirm why) (Reference: bccn.in.us) Barb Healy said they would have to check this out within Ameritech. Terry: You may ask for a specific domain name. Terry believes it would be prudent to confirm that we are required to stay with this name. Dave T. - Our license IN THE CONTRACT is for the United States (boilerplate). This may be "convention" but not required of the issue.

General Discussion before going to the agenda for the meeting:

Jack reported on an email to Derk Gates for the purpose of acquiring additional temporary storage space. Many gray areas for this technology but the intent is not to re-sell disk space. A second reason for looking at this was to allow our home page to remain in the same location without having to go through links to another location. BCCN may need additional space for two or three months and what would this cost from In-Motion? The hookup is taking about 8 weeks so the earliest set-up may be July 1st 1996 per Jack's talks with Ameritech.

Other questions to In-Motion: Each individual has up to 1 MB of storage space personally - over that then it is charged at a quarter per. Basis service to the server would be less in Brown's proposal - or you could have a set amount per month established in the proposal. Basis service for on-site work would be cheaper with Darrin going out and doing the work for maintenance.

Corporate make-up was then discussed based upon the current draft of the preliminary Articles of Incorporation. What are "members" and how do they qualify? Should the terms of the members of the board be two years or four years? We should look at the structure of the Board to allow for staggering of terms like the Library Board. Perhaps the President of the Board could hold over in an advisory position or per Jack's suggestion - the Board term should be three years for the initial term. The current number of Directors is set at seven (7). Monte - suggestion: Initial terms could be three, four and five and then three years thereafter each year thereafter. What about two, three and four ? as proposed by Jack ? Two for expiration in two years, three in three years and two in four years, for the division of the seven chairs on the Board as a proposed rotation to "stagger" the membership. The Directors were divided as follows:

Two Year: Monte Bowman and Tom Garaffolo
Three Year: Dave Truitt, Kay Martin and Terry McCain
Four Year: Jack Hughes, John Wallace
General discussion then followed on the efforts of Diana Lehr and how best to use her efforts made thus far and in the future for the corporation. How best can we use her contributions within the structure of Officers of the corporation or within the Executive Committee ?

The focus then shifted to the election of officers: Monte moved and a second was made to nominate Jack Hughes as President. The vote was unanimous. Discussion then moved to the issue of Ruth Lucas as Treasurer since she is the fiduciary agent of the corporation. Jack Hughes moved nomination of John Wallace as Vice-President which motion was seconded and carried unanimously. Jack called for a motion to have Terry McCain as Treasurer and David Truitt as Secretary of the Corporation - all received their offices by acclamation.

Dues were the next topic of conversation. Some numbers were discussed at the last meeting and carried forward in today's discussion. Individual @ $ 25.00 and Organization and corporate @ $ 50.00. One fee one vote is the basis of consideration. Motion made and seconded for approval of same.

The next topic was conducted concerning the date of the annual meeting. Discussion centered around the second Thursday of March as the annual meeting and Thursday as the regular monthly meeting. Notice needs to be given on email in addition to the regular sources of newspaper and radio within the community.

Insurance was the next topic and the necessity for the same. Diane suggested that John pose the question @ the next State meeting he attends to provide us some assistance. There is a State Statute that will hold members exempt from liability absent gross negligence and wanton and willful conduct for Not-For-Profit Corporations.

The Marketing and Presentation plan: We are close but the fees have not really been established yet. Reference to the minutes of April 2, 1996. Links can and should be made to Non-Profit organizations - such as Lions Club for Jack Hughes. Comment on the issue of placing an organization page on a personal account which is not being used as a potential item of re-sale. A link to a commercial page - @ $ 48.00 per annum ($ 4.00 per month to ease pro-rating of costs). Non Profit Organizations, as well as other potential users, plus their potential costs, need to be compared to the commercial providers of web space. It would seem that our proposed rates for links hosting, et. al., are competitive in the current market place of providers of service. These rates are proposed to avoid getting into the business of collecting on a monthly basis since BCCN does not have a collection mechanism. We will not host personal pages on our server.

May 9th, 1996 @ 6:00 p.m. - Next Meeting - Second Thursday in May. (Site to be determined)

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