8 January 1998 Meeting Minutes

Boone County REMC Meeting Room
6:10 P.M.

Pursuant to Notice given all members of the Board of Directors via Electronic Mail, the Monthly Meeting convened.

Meeting was called to Order by President Wallace. Those members of the Board in attendance were President Wallace, Terry McCain, and Dave Truitt. Member Jerry Selby was also present. A Tentative Agenda had previously been distributed via E-Mail to the Board.

Initially the concern of those present was the fact that once again there was not a quorum of Board members present, perhaps due to the holidays. A quick reference to the By-Laws confirmed this fact. Tom was unable to attend because of a meeting for his daughter's college education.

General discussion ensued on some of the items that had been intended for discussion this evening.

ITEM I: Tax Returns Requested by IRS/Dept of Revenue:

John brought up the needs for completion of the Income Tax Returns requested by Dave. It was hard to determine some of the information since the Treasurer was not present. Dave will give Ruth a call and see if she can provide some type of print-out for the expenses and assist on the invoices that John needs to send out.

ITEM II: '98 Invoices / General Discussion:

John and Terry were concerned about a continuing relationship with the schools as the fiduciary agent as the same related to the administration of the AI grant funds. Apparently the relationship does not have to continue now that the grant funds from Access Indiana have been completely received and a two year period has transpired. Dave asked that the grant be referred to for information on any restrictions that may be in place on the use of the school as the agent. Terry mentioned that she had attempted to obtain backup tapes for quite some time and has still not able to purchase them - good price and all. Frustration and a desire to keep the momentum going was the general theme of the ensuing talk.

ITEM III: System Administrator's Report:

There is more information this evening in the server print outs besides the "numbers" that Terry brought tonight. (The "hits" on the page and the distribution of the same) The newsletter has gone out. Terry received messages from some that wanted to be added to the list. The list is approaching about 200 people. This publication may become quarterly. Several former residents have contacted Terry and indicated how great it is to see what is going on in town through the page. We have a new church web-site with St. Peters. Up and running and impressive. The business page was getting so much graphical advertisement that it required a long time to load. The page has now been broken down further in chunks to allow a faster load.

The second newsletter (time permitting) is in the formative stage of composition by Terry.

Copyright is a point of discussion. Unless someone claims the same it is the property of the website. It was felt that whomever was on the site should be responsible for their own content. Additional discussion took place on registration of copyrights.

ITEM IV: Other Stuff ? : John brought up an idea that Tom found w/ TCI Cable Co. in Lebanon about a possible video advertisement (i.e. - a Commercial !!). The rates are very reasonable (around $ 200.00) plus a small fee for not-for-profit organizations) each time it runs. John will put out an E-Mail vote on the application for this idea with TCI. There will also be a vote on the disengagement of the fiduciary agent relationship.

John indicated that TCI could come in with cameras and get some shots of the Seniors' workshops.

Meeting adjourned about 7:15 p.m.

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