8 May 1997 Meeting Minutes

6:00 p.m. at Stokes Elementary School.

Pursuant to Notice given all members of the Board of Directors via Electronic Mail, the Monthly Meeting convened with President Hughes presiding.

Meeting was called to Order by President Hughes and the agenda was pursued as previously distributed via E-Mail. Those present were board members Jack Hughes, Monte Bowman, Tom Garoffolo, John Wallace, Dave Truitt with Terry McCain arriving late due to baseball practice for her son's team. Also present was Dave Leuck who was present at the time the board and organization was first formed. He works with the group on occasion as a consultant with In-Motion, a local ISP.

Allen T. Hertig & Haley Bourne from ICNA - Indiana Community Network Association were also present as guests for the evening to observe and offer assistance.

ITEM I: ICNA REPORT - Present from ICNA were Allen T. Hertig and Haley Bourne who made a brief presentation on the types of services available to assist our organization. John brought us up to date on some funds that may be available from the State of Indiana. Provided the same are not cut from the budget there is a good sum available to help further fund the Community Networks that are in operation in Indiana as part of Access Indiana.

Officers were elected this past meeting as well. John is still on the board as his initial term of office was longer than others in the initial stagger of rotation.

ITEM II: BUSINESS PAGES - John and Monte showed a home page from New Life Fellowship Baptist Church as an example of a new client. John suggested that the price for the animated business links on the Boone Business Links page may have to be adjusted at a later date. The current $4.00 per month charge for animated business links may be too low. John posed a question to the ICNA representatives concerning direct access to businesses. Direct access accounts are not allowed to businesses through the AI Program. John was curious about how you could market home pages on our system and wanted some help in clarifying that matter from ICNA.

ITEM III: SERVER LOCATION - Jack wanted to discuss the need to relocate the server. It is still in the phone room at the High School and needs to be relocated. We need to buy a piece of furniture to sit this on when we move the server. Monte volunteered to do some measurements to see what should be purchased. He could do this sometime this weekend perhaps. The location is going to be safe since a security system is in place at the High School. The building principal retains the responsibility for building security and can allow Monte access. Terry McCain has access to the room now with the appropriate keys to do work on the server when needed. Terry will need to be involved in the physical shut-down and moving of the system as should Jack. Monte will bring the table. Others who are available are welcome to help. Security is a concern by several instructors at the high school. The classroom servers for the high school need to be in an area that is safe. Filtering software and firewalls might be purchased as aids in the process. Jack has heard from several different schools that are making the different teachers think real hard about what the systems are going to be used for in classroom instruction. Possible rules violations could occur with the strict acceptable use policies that are in place in these organizations. Allen Herzig indicated that libraries have been dealing with this problem quite a bit. Monte suggested that all connections except the final one be made as far as operations are concerned. Final security measures could be held in limbo until a hard decision needs to be made about the security that needs to be in place.

ITEM IV: COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS - Jack then brought up the matter of the Lebanon Library's state of readiness for going on-line. Terry has spent quite a bit of time in assisting their needs. They have three (3) PC's ready to go when the time is right to "GO". Jack has advised them to "Go" when they are comfortable and can help assist library patrons. Dave Leuck indicated how the Plainfield library was dealing with the monitoring of their system. One person can watch five (5) systems at once from one desk.

The other location discussed was the Lebanon Middle School. There needs to be a 56K connection between the Middle School and the High School. Jack has to deal with the Intelenet Commission to get this accomplished. Jack has spoken with them and an indication has been given that this can be taken care of at the expense of the Intelenet (start up). Haley suggested that a model for "overselling" the initial T-1 was to have been proposed to provide a method of helping the Community Net's help cover their monthly expenses and allow them to concentrate on content development. Jack will investigate the cost that the library is paying for their line for comparison purposes.

ITEM V: OTHER - Monte passed out a complete listing of current members and revenues to be received. We now have two corporate "paying" corporate members.

John showed all present the new corporate brochure - 500 were printed at a minimal cost. John will try to develop a list of potential supporters for next time. The printing company will bill us for the work done.

Dave Leuck indicated that In-Motion was looking forward to working with the schools. John suggested that In-Motion should become a corporate member of BCCN.

Monte moved for adjournment and the motion was duly seconded. The vote was unanimous to adjourn.

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