9 May 1996 Meeting Minutes

Stokes Elementary
6:00 p.m.

Present: Jack Hughes, Tom Garoffolo, John Wallace, Kay Martin, Terry McCain, Monte Bowman, Dave Truitt - Late Arrival

An agenda for the evening had been prepared by Jack and discussion followed that format.

The brochure has been developed and will be used for the various types of presentations. A lot of information is available on the Web that would also be available to assist. Monte shared a joke on Dr. Kervorkian and the nature of his art work. A unique feature is that the completed work hangs itself. That sidebar complete, the discussion started focusing on the acquisition of government information. Prices on the brochure were brought up again with concern over the ability to provide the services that are listed. A brochure budget of $ 1,000.00 was planned for John to help develop the flyer although he does not plan on near that amount. The idea is to assist with the work on non-profit organizations.

Other marketing possibilities were suggested. These included cable television advertising and mailings to various parties.

SERVER PURCHASE : Terry had the quote from DGS Technologies. The offer is on a 535 Sun system 64 meg 17" monitor - roughly $ 11,000.00 Additional space was suggested at 7 Gigabite for $ 3600.00 (total of 8.4)- has four additional expansion slots. Different support options were available, including silver gold and platinum. Sun System maintenance plans are available as well as the company's own service plans. This organization is doing all of Sun's service work. Price comparison is essential. The type of hardware is also a strong consideration. References of the different groups all seemed to be impressive. "In-Motion", the "Whitestown Group" and "DGST" were all discussed in great depth. The Sun 525 model has been discontinued from the market. A request was made that the 535 Sun Model be quoted for purposes of comparison. Quotes for the server should be available for a decision at the next meeting on May 23rd. The brochure will also be finalized at that time.

DOMAIN NAME: Jack pushed on to reconsider the name process again. He is still holding the Ameritech contract which needs to be completed and returned for purposes of assignment and completion. The task cannot be finished until the name is settled. Terry thought that it would be better to list boone.in.us as opposed to bccn.in.us. The InterNIC protocol requires certain use of names. A brief discussion ensued on which name should be used. Monte made a motion to adopt the name of boone.in.us, Kay provided the second. Jack called for additional discussion and Dave called for the question. The vote was unanimous for the adoption of boone.in.us.

BY-LAWS: General discussion of the changes in the By-Laws proposed last meeting were then discussed. All changes were incorporated with the exception of the definition of fiscal agent. A separate category will be created to avoid confusion between Terry's office and the duties carried out by Ruth Lucas. Monte pointed out that the term of the Board should reflect a term of three (3) years and Kay confirmed that recollection. Terry raised the question on joint membership under Article IV, Section 7. After discussion the decision was made to delete the last sentence of Section seven to eliminate joint memberships and allow one (1) vote per member similar to the manner the REMC uses (i.e. Husband or Wife may cast the one allotted vote on behalf of both parties). A final review of the By-Laws is scheduled as an action item for next meeting. The plan is then to allow filing of the Articles of Incorporation with the Indiana Secretary of State.

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