13 June 1996 Meeting Minutes

Stokes Elementary
6:00 p.m. Present: Jack Hughes, Tom Garoffolo, Kay Martin, Terry McCain and Dave Truitt.

Jack called the meeting to order and distributed the agenda.

The first item was the final cost on the Server from the Vendor. The support payment is an item that must be paid up front. The final cost then is: $ 21,398.00. Unlimited support is 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the up front payment. This purchase price is a little over half of the amount we currently have in the budget. The risk for just a one year support agreement is that the cost will go up over the next year. Is the support transferable to another ? Jack and Terry can get together and work up the purchase order for the server.

How are we with regard to the T-1 ? (Terry) Jack is in touch with Ameritech on that issue with Jade Clifford. Chris Brown says that he has to have the domain name in order to start virtual hosting. The target date is still July 1 for the T-1, it may be August 1 when it comes, none the less Jack will continue with a weekly call to keep on them about this issue.

For allowing an organization to come on the same account we would be charged per Tom as relayed by Tom G (??). Reference was made back to the April 2 meeting where the costs were established by the group for the various services that we contemplate offering to the community.

Updates from those members present responsible for the various governmental entities reported on updates of information from each. Tom on the City of Lebanon, Dave on the County, Kay on Thorntown Library, and Jack on schools. The Middle School may be able to be linked via a wireless system presented to Jack earlier this week.

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